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June 2020 Blog Posts (6)

Can a disciple ever excel his Guru in spiritual advancement?

Can a disciple ever excel his Guru in spiritual advancement?

Yes remember when the Buddhists made offences to Lord Caitanya and the students and Guru offered Lord Caitanya contaminated food .Lord Garuda came picked up the plate and dropped it on the head of the Buddhist Guru Lord Caitanya initiated the disciples of that Buddhist Guru and told the disciples to now chant the holy name of Krsna into his ears and wake him back to consciousness thus they became his Guru .That is an unusual…


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Jealosy of Vaisnavas !

if you are jealous of another Vaisnava only Lord Caitanya can heal you , Lord Caitanya told Amogha to give up the envy in his heart and then he started chanting 64 rounds daily to clean his envious heart .Why 64 rounds ?Because that was the minimum standard of Lord Caitanya .Jagai and Madhai chanted 128 rounds daily .Srila Jagannath das babaji used to say please complete 128 rounds aday at least do 64 rounds daily !…Billedet indeholder sandsynligvis: 1 person, sidder


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today June 29 1533 Lord Caitanya left this world !

Diapperance day of Lord Caitanya is on 29 of June according to our western Calendar

Actually around this time of year Lord Caitanya left this world by entering Lord Jagannath , Tota Gopinath and the Ocean of Puri at 3 places ,it is not celebrated ,as the disappearance days of the Lord is never celebrated those who are very advanced in Bhakti will simply give up their body on such days .We need not worry we are far from such a level of Bhakti and if we where so advanced that separation…


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Do not honored burne prasadam !

Last time I met Sankirtana Prabhu was in Dubai in 2010 in ISKCON Dubai and we where making some prasadam ,There where some sweet potatoes that had been burned in the oven ,and we wanted to throw them out .I mean there was charcoal on them that badly burned we begged him not to honor this as prasadam .However he would not listen and he had charcoal on his lips eating those sweet potatoes,I told him that actually Lord Krsna states in Haribhakti Vilasa not to offer him burned food and such food…


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When Lord Caitanya chanted Hare Krsna in the bathroom!

Lord Caitanya chanting Hare Krsna in the latrin!

Vakresvara Pandit had one disciple a young boy Gopal ,he was engaged in the service of Lord Caitanya , so one day Lord Caitanya playing the role of a human being went to pass stool .Such activities are not there in the Supreme Lord His body is Sac Cid Ananda.SO while Lord Caitanya was using the Toilet ,He chanted Hare Krsna constantly .Lord Caitanya would always chant Hare Krsna he chanted 192 rounds daily as well .So Lord Caitanya…


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Krsna with pearl in His nose

when you know Krsna in Vrindavana is properly outfitted He will have a pearl in His nose :

Sri Nanda-Nandanastakam

sucaru-vaktra-mandalam sukarna-ratna-kundalam sucarcitanga-candanam namami


sudirgha netra-pankajam sikhi-sikhanda-murdhajam ananga-koti-mohanam

namami nanda-nandanam

sunasikagra-mauktikam svacchanda danta-panktikam navambudanga-cikkanam

namami nanda-nandanam

karena venu-ranjitam gati-karindra-ganjitam dukula-pita…


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