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why did Bhisma who have vatsalya rasa for Krsna choose to see Lord Narayana over Sri Krsna in SB 1.9.24 : My understanding is Bhismadeva wants to see Vasudeva Krsna , and his meditation is very much about in this chapter but Vasudeva Krsna is also non different from this form , sometimes Vasudeva Krsna manifest 4 arms as we can see in many Dvaraka lila ,so Bhisma is not worshipping another form but Vasudeva Krsna this is his main Rasa in relationship to Vasudeva Krsna , Bhismadeva did not go to Vraja like Uddhava and mix with the Vrjabasis. His worship of Vasudeva Krsna is confirmed in SB 1.9.18 ,so there is no Rasa Bhasa here ,the neophyte devotees will be bewildered by SB 1.9.24 , but do not because the main Bhisma stuti is from 1.9.32 to 43 , many Sri Vaisnavas chant this part of Srimad Bhagavatam daily and some of their acaryas have commented on it.Sri Vasudeva is the expanded form of Vrajendra Nandana Krsna , Balarama in Vraja is Krsnas first expansion and outside of Vraja in Mathura and Dvaraka ,Sri Krsna became Vasudeva Krsna and Balarama becomes Sankarsana ,but simulatanously non different from Krsna and Balarama in Vraja , but these subjects of Krsna not leaving Vraja in His Svayam Bhagavan form is nicely explained by Srila Rupa Goswami and in Srila Prabhupadas Teachings of Lord Caitanya he has explained it in details .Our Gaudiya Vaisnava Philosophy is :

Vrindavanam parityajya
Padam ekam na gachhami
Pashyami yad yada yada
Vrajabhavam na vismarami

Leaving Vrindavan
I do not go even a single step.
Whatever, wherever I see,
I will only remember Vrindavan.

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Why is this because Krsna Himself in His Vrajendranandana form never leaves Vrindavana and never takes one step outside of Vraja ,when Akrura took Krsna and Balarama to Mathura they transformed themselves into Vasudeva Krsna and Sankarsana , you can not tell the difference externally but their internal mood is different because in even Mathura there is not the same intimate love for Sri Krsna free from all love that is beyond reveration and awe .To those who can not understand this they really need to read Teachings of Lord Caitanya by Srila Prabhupada carefully such as this chapter 6 of TLC :

vrindavanam parityajya padam ekam na gachhami Krsna in his orignal form never leaves Vraja .I forgot the sanskrit of this one sloka by Srila Rupa Goswami it used to be in the teachings of Lord Caitanya ,they might have removed it I am not sure but the gist of the sloka is that there is two Krsnas and one is Nandanandana Krsna and Yadu Kumara Krsna ,Nandanandana never takes a step outside of Vraja, Bhisma was worshipping Vasudeva Krsna, there are other things about Bhismadeva in Navadvipa Bhava Taranga by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura but I believe 99 percent of devotees can not understand it so I will not go there .But understand SB 1.9.24 is Bhisma wanting to see Vasudeva Krsna in His four armed form , just like Arjuna in the 11 Chapter of the Gita.Even in Vrindavana sometimes the gopis and cowherd boys asked Krsna to show them other forms of His.However Bhisma just wanted to also see Vasudeva Krsna assume four arms so do not be a total neophyte and think now Bhisma is falling down from Krsna worship then you become a useless fool ! And if you can not understant this they what can you understand in Bhakti ?

CHAPTER SIX: His Forms Are One and the Same
By devotional service one can understand that Kṛṣṇa first of all manifests Himself as svayaṁ-rūpa, His personal form, then as tad-ekātma-rūpa, and then as āveśa-rūpa. It is in these three features that He manifests Himself in His transcendental form. The feature of svayaṁ-rūpa is th...

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