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how exalted is Narada Muni, who can even try to understand?

dear Ekalavya Prabhu
Please accept my humble obaisences
all glories to Srila Prabhupada
We have no idea really how exalted Narada Muni is, every Purana you read as well as in Srimad Bhagavatam, Narada Muni is
part of the Lords many pastimes in .various incarnations.He is the spiritual master of so many great exalted vaisnavas, born from
Lord Brahmas intelligence, He is a saktyavesa avatar of Bhakti .He is Naradiya Gopi also as I previously mentioned, he is Srivasa Thakura
in Gaura lila . The socalled falldowns of Narada (and even Lord Siva ) is not done by Mahamaya but my Yogamaya.In Kali yuga
a jiva so often is fully emerged in unlimited maya, even a neophyte devotee, struggles a lots even having been a devotee for many years
are we able to always fully control our senses? Even sannyasis and renunciates sometimes have some relapses unless very careful.
For sure we should never look for maya, or pray to Krishna to see His maya or be in maya.
we all know Lord Gaurangas famous prayer:

ayi nanda-tanuja kinkaram
patitam mam vishame bhavambudhau
kripaya tava pada-pankaja-
sthita-dhuli-sadrisham vichintaya

O son of Maharaja Nanda (Krsna), I am Your eternal servitor, yet somehow or other I have fallen into the ocean of birth and death. Please pick me up from this ocean of death and place me as one of the atoms at Your lotus feet.

In Srimad Bhagavatam Lord Kapila states:

SB 3.27.23: The influence of material nature has covered the living entity, and thus it is as if the living entity were always in a blazing fire. But by the process of seriously discharging devotional service, this influence can be removed, just as wooden sticks which cause a fire are themselves consumed by it.

SB 3.27.24: By discovering the faultiness of his desiring to lord it over material nature and by therefore giving it up, the living entity becomes independent and stands in his own glory.

SB 3.27.25: In the dreaming state one's consciousness is almost covered, and one sees many inauspicious things, but when he is awakened and fully conscious, such inauspicious things cannot bewilder him.

SB 3.27.26: The influence of material nature cannot harm an enlightened soul, even though he engages in material activities, because he knows the truth of the Absolute, and his mind is fixed on the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

SB 3.27.27: When a person thus engages in devotional service and self-realization for many, many years and births, he becomes completely reluctant to enjoy any one of the material planets, even up to the highest planet, which is known as Brahmaloka; he becomes fully developed in consciousness

In these teachings of Lord Kapila we clearly see the nature of conditioned life and Krsna has also explained

in the 11 Canto for example the Aila Gita the danger of maya.

Lord Caitanya has given us a save way to cross the ocean of ignorance by constant chanting Hare Krishna, in kirtana or on beads.I am not sure if you have read some of the glories of chantings 64 rounds.?

I pray to the lotusfeet of Narada Muni and in his Nitay svarupas as Naradiya Gopi and Srivasa Thakura that he (she) will bless me to constantly chant Hare Krishna and be saved from Maya.May Lord Gauranga and the Pancatattva save us from the bondage of repeated birth and death and allow us nitya seva

your humble servant
Paramananda das

cheto-darpana-marjanam bhava-maha--davagni-nirvapanam
shreyah-kairava-chandrika-vitaranam vidya-vadhu-jivanam
anandambudhi-vardhanam prati-padam purnamritaswadanam
sarvatma-snapanam param vijayate sri-krishna-sankirtanam

Glory to the Sri-Krsna-Sankirtana, which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years and extinguishes the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death. This sankirtana movement is the prime benediction for humanity at large because it spreads the rays of the benediction moon. It is the life of all transcendental knowledge. It increases the ocean of transcendental bliss, and it enables us to fully taste the nectar for which we are always anxious.
namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-shaktis
tatrarpita niyamitah smarane na kalah
etadrishi tava kripa bhagavan mamapi
durdaivam idrisham ihajani nanuragaha

O my Lord, Your holy name alone can render all benediction to living beings, and thus You have hundreds and millions of names, like Krsna and Govinda. In these transcendental names You have invested all Your transcendental energies. There are not even hard and fast rules for chanting these names. O my Lord, out of kindness You enable us to easily approach You by Your holy names, but I am so unfortunate that I have no attraction for them.
trinad api sunichena
taror api sahishnuna
amanina manadena
kirtaniyah sada harih

One should chant the holy name of the Lord in a humble state of mind, thinking oneself lower than the straw in the street; one should be more tolerant than a tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige, and should be ready to offer all respect to others. In such a state of mind one can chant the holy name of the Lord constantly.
na dhanam na janam na sundarim
kavitam va jagad-isha kamaye
mama janmani janmanishvare
bhavatad bhaktir ahaituki twayi

O almighty Lord, I have no desire to accumulate wealth, nor do I desire beautiful women nor do I want any number of followers. I only want Your causeless devotional service, birth after birth

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Comment by Paramananda das on August 27, 2010 at 6:46am
Aksayananda: I was recently told by one devotee that the acarya does not have to be a pure devotee.
Prabhupada: What?
Aksayananda: That the acarya does not have to be a pure devotee.
Prabhupada: Who is that rascal?
Aksayananda: Well, he said it. Who said it?
Prabhupada: Who said? Who is that rascal? The acarya does not require to be a pure devotee?
Aksayananda: He said it. Nitai said it. He said it in this context. He said that Lord Brahm is the acarya in the Brahma-sampradaya, but yet he is sometimes afflicted by passion. So therefore he is saying that it appears that the acarya does not have to be a pure devotee. So it
does not seem right.
Prabhupada: So who is that rascal? I want to know who has said.
Aksayananda: Nitai. Nitai dasa.
Harikesa: Nitai said that?
Prabhupada: Who is Nitai dasa?
Harikesa: Our Nitai.
Aksayananda: Nitai.

Prabhupada: Oh, our Nitai? Oh.
Aksayananda: He said he couldn't understand it, but he thought, he said that he thought...
Prabhupada: He manufactured his idea. Therefore he's a rascal.
Therefore he's a rascal. Nitai has become an authority?
Aksayananda: No, actually he said that he thought...
Prabhupada: He thought something rascaldom, and he is expressing that. Therefore he is more rascal. These things are going on. As soon as he reads some books, he becomes an acarya, whatever rascal he may be.
Aksayananda: So there's no doubt that Lord Brahm is a pure devotee?
Prabhupada: Whatever he may be, he is acarya. So you... Then Krsna is also passionate. Krsna is also passionate. Krsna danced with so many gopis; therefore He is passionate. They... These things are to be seen in this way, that "Such exalted person, he sometimes become passionate, so how much we shall be careful." This is the instruction. Then we petty things, petty persons, how much we shall be careful. It is not that "Acarya has become passionate, therefore I shall become passionate. I am strict followers of acarya." These rascals say.
Harisauri: So Lord Brahma's being attracted to his daughter, that is just as an example...
Prabhupada: So why you discuss this? Therefore you shall be attracted with your daughter, mother? Do you think so, like that?
Aksayananda: No.
Indian man: In this world this is our disease. This is our disease.
Prabhupada: Yes. That disease... Brahma... Lord Siva also, he was attracted to the Mohini. So they are isvara. They are controllers. So the instruction is that even such personalities may be sexually attracted, so how much we shall remain careful. This is the instruction. (break) the other rascal. Who was saying that "Krsna was killed by a hunter; therefore hunter is greater than Krsna"?
Indian man: Raja Gopalacarya, he has written in Mahabharata that Krsna was killed by a hunter.
Prabhupada: Therefore the hunter is...
Indian man: "Krsna Passes Away," the heading of his chapter.
Harikesa: You said about a couple of years ago that "What ordinary man would be killed if he was shot in the arrow by a heel," I mean, "shot in the heel by an arrow?" No ordinary man dies that way.
Prabhupada: So who reads Raja Gopalacarya's Mahabharata? (laughter) They are rotting at Bharatiya Vidyabhavan.
Aksayananda: They're rotting in the bookshelves and the insects are eating.
Indian man: But in Somanath... I went last year there when I was in Gujarat. The people, they don't believe, the people of Somanath, that he was killed by... like that. So these philosophers, simply for their name, they put some kind of theories so that people can, "Oh!" They can understand all this nonsense. (break)
Prabhupada: These pastimes of Krsna is to make the fools more fool. One who is thinkig of Krsna as ordinary man, Krsna is playing this part to show them, "Yes, see. I am dying, this. You see."
Indian man: What He said? Avajananti ma mudhah.
Prabhupada: Mudha janmani janmani. He'll remain mudha janmani janmani. This is this pastime. Life after life, he shall remain a fool, rascal. So this Raja Gopalacarya and company, they'll remain in darkness life after life. For them this pastime is there. Avajananti ma mudh manusim tanum asritah: "The rascals, they think of Me as ordinary human being." To such rascals, He is playing like: "Yes, you see I am ordinary human being. Just see. I am dying." This is... To keep them life after life in darkness. If it is so easy to understand Krsna, that He is dying--Accha. "I have read it. I have seen. He has died. "Then what is the use of saying, manusyana sahasresu kascid yatati siddhaye yatatam api siddhanam? Out of many millions of persons one can understand Krsna. Then what is the use of saying this? If it is so easy to understand Krsna, what He is doing, what for He is doing, then everyone could understand Krsna. Then what is the use of saying, manusyana sahasresu? This requires intelligence.
Indian man: Bahuna janmanam.
Prabhupada: Therefore Krsna says, tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya: "One who knows, go and understand from them, from the guru." Don't make your interpretation, rascal. You shall remain always a rascal. Then what is the use of all these verses? If it is so easy to understand Krsna then why Krsna says, "tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya: "Then you will understand. Go to the right person who has seen."
Comment by Paramananda das on August 27, 2010 at 6:39pm
Comment by Paramananda das on August 29, 2010 at 8:46am
the solution to stay out of maya is chanting Hare Krishna:
Comment by Paramananda das on August 31, 2010 at 9:21pm
jaya jaya nityānanda jayādvaita-candra

jaya śrīvāsādi jaya gaura-bhakta-vṛnda


jaya jaya—all glories; nityānanda—to Lord Nityānanda; jaya advaita-candra—all glories to Advaita Prabhu; jaya—all glories; śrīvāsa-ādi—to all the devotees, headed by Śrīvāsa Ṭhākura; jaya gaura-bhakta-vṛnda—all glories unto the devotees of Lord Gaurasundara.


All glories unto Lord Nityānanda and Advaita Prabhu, and all glories unto all the devotees of Lord Caitanya, headed by Śrīvāsa Ṭhākura!

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