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Money can not buy you love ,in memory of Dharam Hinduja

Money can not buy you love !

I wish to tell you all a very unusual thing from my life, I was in ISKCON Boston in 1991 and the Hinduja family had a son there Dharam Hinduja that was going to Havard University in Boston so when he graduated they wanted someone in the temple to do a Yajna so Sridhara Swami (jolly Swami was his nickname) asked me to do the Yajna ,so did a fire sacrifice and chanted Purusha Sukta that I know by heart and chanted some Narasimha Mantras for the blessings and protection of the family .I gave them holy waters from Radha Kunda ,Shyama Kunda, Prema Sarovara , Yamuna, and Pavana Sarovara in Vrindavana ,they where very much impressed with me and asked me to come to their home in Mumbai.For those of you that never heard about the Hinduja family they are long time well wishers of ISKCON and donated for example most of the money for building ISKCON Delhi ,the new temple there.That was later on.So Gopal Krsna Maharaja in 1992 told me in Mayapure the Hinduja family wanted me to visit them and do a fire sacrifice..So I decided that why give them something small let them have all the Gurukula boys and Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami come and do the Havan ,so I basically gave it away to Maharaja ,not thinking of my own prestige and wellfare but of the reputation of ISKCON and what I thought was best for ISKCON .Maybe I did a mistake by not doing the havan myself because I could have placed holy waters from so many kundas on the head of all the hundreds of guests ,They invited many VIP, politicians and movie stars and what not business men from Mumbai so it was really a big event.Dharam Hinduja showed up a little later he was more interested in talking with me and be my friend than with all the Yajnas.So he said when can I meet you again ? That time I was in ISKCON Toronto , he said great my family have flat there I will come visit you and I said I will be glad to see you again and I will bring prasadam from the temple.One day after class at ISKCON New Remuna ,Bhakti Marg Swami called me ,he said the secretary of Hinduja family called and want to ask you if you have seen Dharam Hinduja .I told Bhakti Marg Swami that he is supposed to visit me this year some times here in Toronto , so his family though he might have run away and become a hare Krsna ,because he was fasicnated how I a western young man had become a Krsna devotee and w,as so dedicated to Bhakti ,but sadly he had not tried to join ISKCON ,but ran of with a Indian girl from New Zealand that his family did not want he marry

Interpol found out Dharam was in Mauritus with Ninotchka the young lady he had married against his fathers Srichan Hindujas will

and when he arrived at the hotel where they stayed Dharma set himself on fire and later ,died he was flown to a hospital in London from Mauritus ,you can read the details in this news article, I met Srichan Hinduja later in 1996 when I served as ISKCON Soho street and Sankirtana leader, but I did not wont to mention Dharam to stir up old wounds, it was a tragic story , but shows you how things can go so wrong in the material world, I could never imagine he wanted to kill himself over the love of his life, she managed to set herself free but Dharam left his body , but I know the holy waters from Radha Kunda, Shyama kunda, Prema Sarovara, and Pavana Sarovara would not go in vain or the carnamrta I gave him from my Ugra Narasimha Salagrama and Govardhana sila, please chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra for his departed soul, it is now many years ago but I never forgot about him .If I ever go to Gaya again I will do a fire sacrifice for his soul there. With much affection and love I remember my friend Dharam Hinduja from India today in 1992 Controversial suicide - Special Report News - Issue Date: Jun 15, 1992 (

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sorry she is from Australia 


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