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This is not how ISKCON should be run
When things get strange in ISKCON
I saw some lectures of Bhagad Asraya das a so-called disciple of Srila Prabhupada. I recall when I was sankirtana leader in Ireland in 1993 and he came one day to Inish rath and said from now on you do not take instructions from Tribuvanath das I am the new leader of ISKCON Ireland.I did not even care to take it very seriously. Bhagavad Asraya had been TP in ISKCON Soho street and had a fall down and was replaced, the same happened to Kesava Bharati now Maharaja . I told the sankirtana devotees, Tribuvanath Prabhu is the most senior devotee here in Ireland, and Sivarama Swami had never told me or any leaders in Ireland like Manu Prabhu, who was TP of Inish Rath at that time, to neglect or accept such offending of Tribuvanath Prabhu in any way, we will not even talk to him again or take it seriously.I reported this to Tribuvanath Prabhu .he had no comments but was embarrassed obviously.
There was another strange thing happening . Balabhadra who later become a sannyasi, had all devotees collect for Food For life but to my knowledge, there was no real Food for life program in all of Scotland and that is what all devotees told me, but for some reason, this never went to the ISKCON National council of the UK to be addressed or dealt with.
Balabhadra used lots of the sankirtana money to buy electric guitars with was another complaint from the devotees in Northern England and Scotland, but not one dared complain because Balabadrapuri Maharaja, or what the heck his name was was like another zonal acarya for Scotland. He told Tribuvanath Prabhu he would give him money from the collections in Scotland and pay for the books the Irish devotees bought from the BBT, they call it BBL in the UK, and Scotland would get all the book points and ISKCON Ireland would benefit financially. I thought it was totally bogus, and did not go along so I was asked to step down as Sankirtana leader, I was never allowed to present to Sivarama Swami what really was going on.Sivarama Swami suggested I stay on as Sankirtana leader and argued I was the most qualified, but the pressure from Balabadra and Tribuvanath Prabhu was there.
I left ISKCON Ireland though I was doing so well and distributing lots of books in Ireland, I was number 1 by far also. Not long after Balabhadra lined up all his female disciples and had them show their breasts, those with big breasts he told to marry and those with small breasts .he told were not qualified to have husbands..well I was far away by then thanks Krsna distributing Srila Prabhupadas books in Northern California in 1994 ,this is of course history of ISKCON you are not supposed to know of , but I am sharing it with you anywayMay be an image of text

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