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the smell of cowdung and how Kamsa made cowpatties !

Today I went and had wonderful darshan of Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan ,Madan Mohan in ISKCON Potomac used to be in ISKCON NYC 26 and 2 ave so He is ISKCONs oldest Krsna Deity, well He is Krsna Himself not just a stone.
I was sitting outside and honoring Prasadam from Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan and all of a sudden there was a sour smell, my wife laughed when she saw me make a face.That is the smell of cow dung.She was laughing even more, because I had made a face, of what is that obnoxious smell .Oh yes I recognized the smell , having become such a city boy I forgot how cowdung smells, one of the devotees where taking care of the cows and cleaning up the cowdung.I remember the pastime in Vrindavana where Kamsa was forced by Yogamaya to become an old Gopi ,dipping Kamsa in Kusuma Sarovara and making him into an old Gopi.Kamsa once came to Vraja accoding to pastimes told in Vrindavana.ANd the gopis forced Kamsa to make cow patties, after that Kamsa was dragged by the neck by Purnamasi and again dipped into Kusuma Sarovara.Purnamasi ordered never ever dare come back to Vraja,This is why Kamsa was killed in Mathura ,so this pastime came to mind .In Eritrea her country of birth people also make cowpatties from the cow dung viilages there looks like in Vraja May be an image of 2 people

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