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Often in ISKCON Temple leaders are fallen and not up to standards .I was in ISKCON Sandton SOuth Africa and the TP Nanda Kumara das did not feed the devotees properly daily , no breakfast prasadam and no evening prasadam ,but something from the restaurant was cooked daily and at one point the devotees could take from there.He eventually fell down though he was a TP and ISKCON Guru ,untrained disciple of Giriraja Swami .(Second Initiation from Giriraja Swami) Many TPs are not situated nicely in their asrama and often fall down.As soon a TP is engaged in illicit sex either with his wife or wifes oof others or with Brahmacarinies a temple goes to hell.Ramabhadra das in New York became TP in ISKCON New York and it was obvious he was chasing women. I told him back in 1990 you are chasing after Satya it is obvious he would sit and talk to her for hours and mingle with her freely .She was divorced and so was he and they got remarried later on.But nowadays remarriage is no longer considered bad in ISKCON some are remarried up to 7 times.Srila Prabhuapada stated if you remarry immediately IMMEDIATELY YOU BECOME A SUDRA.But not one cares.When someone has illicit sex in the temple no one seems to care .Even some socalled devotees had illict sex in Prabhupadas rooms in ISKCON Toronto nothing said. Jiva Goswami das disciple of Satsvarupa got a female disciple of Niranjana Swami pregnant in the temple in ISKCON Boston.
Sometimes some TPs ask Brahmacaries can you marry such and such mataji .Srila Prabhupada did not approve of such things .There is a letter from Srila Prabhupada to Saccinandana Swami then Brahmacari, because Hansadutta asked he marry some mataji.Srila Prabhupada was opposed for such canvassing by ISKCON leaders. Other times when there is consensual agreements with male or female devotees to marry.Temple authorities may not agree due to political interests or finacial gains .In this way things goes on .Yes you can say it is not my responsibility when you are a Brahmacari and keep moving from one temple to the other and find in each temple there are devotees that brake the 4 regs and do not even chant 16 rounds and the rascals never go on bookdistribution.They joined ISKCON so they did nto have to work.SO to them book distribution is hard work, we joined to continue our free hippy life style .Thus anyone in ISKCON not distributing Srila Prabhupadas boosk with few exceptions are freeloaders and parasites of this movement .I joined ISKCON with the desire to spend my life distributing Srila Prabhupadas books and I always felt anyone not having interest to distribute Srila Prabhupadas books should not live in a temple .Srila Prabhupada was also clear 

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