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Sakala vaisnava Gosai

Shri Radha-Mohana dasa


sakala vaishnava gosai daya kara more

dante trina dhari’ kahe e dina pamare (1)


With a straw between my teeth, this very wretched and fallen person is petitioning all

the Vaishnavas and Gosvamis, “Please give me your mercy.”


shri guru-carana ara shri krishna-chaitanya

pada-padma paoyaiya more kara dhanya (2)


Shri Guru, the Vaishnavas, and Shri Krishna-Chaitanya (and Nityananda Prabhu) should give

me shelter at their lotus feet and make me fortunate.


toma’ sabara karuna vine iha prapti naya

visheshe ayogya mui kahila nishcaya (3)


Without receiving the mercy from all of the Vaishnavas, I will be bereft of shelter at the

lotus feet of Gaura-Nitai. I know that I am totally unqualified.


vancha-kalpa-taru hao karuna-sagara

ei ta’ barasa mui dhariye antara (4)


All the Vaishnavas are vancha kalpa-taru (wish-fulfilling trees) and an ocean of mercy.

It is my deepest hope that the Vaishnavas will give me their mercy so that I can thus

attain the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu.


guna-lesha nahi more aparadhera sima

ama’ uddhariya loke dekhao mahima (5)


I have no good qualities and I have committed uncountable offenses, but if you will

deliver me (give me bhakti), then everyone will come to know of your glories.


nama-sankirtane ruci ara prema-dhana

e radha-mohane deha’ haiya sa-karuna (6)


I am praying for taste in nama-sankirtana and for the wealth of prema. Then this

Radha-mohana dasa will realize your supreme mercy.


Being a vaisnava is not a cheap thing, have we developed all the 26 qualities of aSuddha vaisnava?
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura sings in his Krpa Koro Vaisnava Thakura:

 Kalyana Kalpataru




kṛpā koro vaiṣṇava ṭhākura, sambandha jāniyā

bhajite bhajite, abhimāna hau dūra



'āmi to vaiṣṇava', e buddhi hoile, amānī nā ho'bo āmi

pratiṣthāśā āsi', hṛdoya dūṣibe, hoibo niraya-gāmī



tomāra kińkora, āpane jānibo, 'guru'-abhimāna tyaji'

tomāra ucchiṣṭha, pada-jala-reṇu, sadā niṣkapaṭe bhaji



'nije śreṣṭha' jani, ucchiṣṭthādi dāne, ho'be abhimāna bhāra

tāi śiṣya taba, thākiyā sarvadā, nā loibo pūjā kā'r



amānī mānada, hoile kīrtane, adhikāra dibe tumi

tomāra caraṇe, niṣkapaṭe āmi, kāńdiyā luṭibo bhūmi



1) O Vaisnava Thakura! Please give me your mercy – knowledge of my relationship with Bhagavan and the ability to do bhajana, sending my false ego far away.


2) If I think "I am a Vaisnava," then I will never become humble. My heart will become contaminated with the hope of receiving honor from others, and I will surely go to hell.


3) Give me the mercy that I can renounce the false conception of my being guru and can be your servant. Let me accept without duplicity your remnants and your foot-bath water.


4) By thinking that I am superior (guru) and giving my remnants to others, I will bring about my destruction. Let me always identify as your disciple and not accept any worship or praise from others.


5) In this way I can renounce the desire for honor for myself and can offer respect to others. Weeping sincerely at your lotus feet and rolling on the ground, I pray that you will give me the ability to chant nama purely.



A pure vaisnava in the line of Lord Caitanya is also supposed to chant 64 rounds minimum as ordered by Lord Caitanya, but out of aversion to the holy
name most refuse to do so.
We see how many by the influence of Kali yuga takes grains on Visnutattva apperance days, wether they are Gurus or disciples they fail to understand the
importance and ignore and are simply ignorant of sastra in this matter ,and thus their socalled status as a vaisnava is simply useless as they disobey the
Supreme Lord, and the instructions given by Srila Vyasadeva in this matter.
Being a suddha vaisnava is not so easy, and takes lots of surrender.
Srila Narottama das Thakura has sung:"Thakura vaisnava Pada",



ṭhākura vaiṣṇava pada, avanīra sampada,

śuno bhāi hoiyā eka mana

āśraya loiyā bhaje, tāre kṛṣṇa nāhi tyaje,

āra saba more akāraṇa



vaiṣṇava caraṇa jala, prema bhakti dite bol,

āra keho nahe balavanta

vaiṣṇava caraṇa reṇu, mastake bhūṣaṇa vinu,

āra nāhi bhūṣaṇera anta



tīrtha jala pavitra guṇe, likhiyāche purāṇe,

se saba bhaktira pravañcana

vaiṣṇavera pādodaka, sama nahe ei saba,

yāte hoy vāñchita pūraṇa



vaiṣṇava sańgete mana, ānandita anukṣaṇa,

sadā hoy kṛṣṇa parasańga

dīna narottama kānde, hiyā dhairya nāhi bāndhe

mora daśā keno hoilo bhańga



1) O brother, please hear my words with rapt attention.  The lotus feet of the Vaisnavas are the most valuable treasure of this world.  These Vaisnavas continually take shelter of Lord Krsna and worship Him.  They never abandon their Lord.  They are liberated.  They are free from the cycle of birth and death.


2) The water that has washed the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas bestows devotional service in pure love of God.  Nothing else is as effective for attaining this divine love.  I place dust from the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas upon my head.  I wear no other ornament.


3) The purifying power of the waters at the various holy places of pilgrimage is described in the Puranas, although this is something of a deceptive trick.  Actually there is not anything as purifying as the water that has washed the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas.  This water fulfills all desires.


4) Moment after moment my mind finds pleasure in the association of the Vaisnavas.  I always seek out the company of those who are devoted to Lord Krsna.  Poor-heartedNarottama dasa breaks down and cries.  How has this fallen condition come upon me?


and Bhaktivinoda Thakura also Bimala Vaisnava..
yes an advanced uttama bhakta can
place the water of even the kanistha on his head, whereas the kanistha adhikari wants respect and charges money for teaching about suddha nama,
(that he has not attained)
 such business's like "devotees" are angering Lord Nityananda Prabhu ,because the holy name is not for sale, it simply requires ones faith.But such
business men disguised as vaisnavas do not chant one lakh daily , they have no real faith in the holy name, though at such seminars they teach
about chanting 64 rounds,when the seminar is over they go back to 16 rounds, and could not instill real faith in suddha nama, but they enriched 
themselves by charging 150 dollars per person or more, welcome to Kali yuga....
We should be eager to give up all pride and simply worship the holy name with utmost humility....
your servant
Payonidhi das


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