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Not all temples and zones are up to standard

"Not all temples and zones are up to standard "
 I am about to explain something that most already know but never dare say.There is temples and zones that are avoided by preachers, sometimes Gurus
and sannyasis  and GBC's etc also and strict TP's.For example I know one temple where the TP thinks he is Krsna and his wife is Radha, and they 
mistreat all devotees
discrimination from bhaktas and congregation to GBC's and Gurus, and they engage in illicit sex in the TP office....
  This is because of the isvara bhava and some use a temple or zone for personal business and selfish purposes .I once came from a zone where
there was so much illicit sex going on in the temples, and the GBC was simply a thief(later left ISKCON).Some sannyasis  have told me :" I never go
 to such and such
temple because the TP has no vaisnava behavior and is a tyrant".These are sad things,I avoid a certain country because there is so much politics
and devotees there think they are the body and nationality, many devotees there do not follow 4 regs or chant 16 rounds and so many devotees have left
ISKCON in disgust. I tried to help as I am senior to all devotees there but it is like "feeding milk to snakes  " they fight each other.Srila Prabhupada did not
like divorces but they do not care and will marry sometimes 2 to 4 times.I am tired of when a  temple has a bingo halls.I am tired of the illicit sex and politics
and deviations .Lack of Harinama and bookdistribution.I am tired of  deviations....One very senior Prabhupada disciple that helped collect for building the
Krsna Balarama is so disgusted, I could not believe his comments,they are very offensive ,he suggests 2011 is" kill a Guru and GBC year",this is the
 statement of GuruKripa das:
Well we should all try to cooperate together, but how can it happen?? How can all the
" devotees"
that deviate from the basic standards be helped?The solution to me is sankirtana ,more devotees should go on sankirtana, if not all members of ISKCON.
This was Srila Prabhupadas desire this is the Yuga Dharma.Either Harinama or bookdistribution, all this staying in the temple is simply maya that 
creates more and more maya, and lazy politics to justify deviations.
Payonidhi das
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Comment by Paramananda das on June 15, 2011 at 9:27am
Braja bihari Prabhu told me this is a fake profile of Guru Krpa das ,thanks God


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