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check out this article by Nrsingha Maharaja
It is very obvious that Nrsingha Maharaja was from a Jewish background and was biased against Jesus Christ
It is a fact that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian still he disputes it, it is well known fact the first 500 years the Catholic Church was vegetarian and accepted both Karma and reincarnation ,the Sabbath is not really worth discussing, but I will do so anyway
Actually in early Christianity it was observed more often especially for Jewish followers of Jesus Christ ,Christianity moved to observe Sunday as the day of worship and rest, the Bible says God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day Sunday became a rest day , so this was adopted as practical , if you stop working on Friday and then Saturday too then how society can run ? All the gnostic scriptures are clear evidence also Jesus Christ was a vegetarian and so it is the essence of Christianity , even real Jews are supposed to be vegetarians also , but they never understood it, what did God feed the Jews in the desert back to Israel ? Mannah wheat .Its really sad Nrsingha Maharaja had such bias against Christianity , I seen that also with Garga Muni das early disciple of Srila Prabhupada ,that states Srila Prabhupada said that we do not care for Jesus we follow Vasudeva Datta ,however who has even heard of this exalted Vaisnava that prayed to Lord Caitanya to liberate the world, but everyone knows Jesus Christ .yes we respect all associates of Lord Caitanya..the apostle Peter who is considered the first pope of Rome was taking mostly dates and water as his diet and some bread sometimes some boiled vegtables..I am setting this history straight here, it is not likely anyone became a Jew from being a Christian ,it would be a step back and most Jews do not even accept conversion into their religion ,you have to be a born Jew, or you are considered a heathen, that is how narrow minded the Jewish faith was and still is
Jesus as a Perfect Christian
Jesus as a Perfect Christian
Narasingha Maharaja: Historically and ontologically speaking, Jesus was a Jew and not a Christian. Jesus was a Jewish rabbi who studied the Jewish scriptures [the Torah] and taught Halakha, or Jewish law, as given in the Torah. Jesus was for many the perfect Jew, but for others he was a heretic.
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Paramananda Das
it is interesting Satudays and Sundays are set aside as rest days in the Western World is it not ? So why not use both days to worship Lord Sri Krsna

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