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 Here is Narada Munis , Christmas gift to everyone Radha Kavacha spoken by Narada Muni in Narada Pancarata ,may  Sri Radha protect us all this is spoken by Lord Siva to Parvarti  from Narada Pancaratra 
 Srimathi nethra yugalam, karnou gopendra nandhini.

Hari Priya nasikam cha broo yugmam sasi shobhanam,

Let Radha protect my head,

Let my forehead be protected by Radhika,

Let my twin eyes be protected by Srimathi*,

Let my ears be protected by daughter of chief of the gopas.

Let the darling of Hari protect my nose,

Let she who shines like moon protect my two eye brows,

note : I though I knew what Srimati means but actually it really means Radha is the MRS of Krsna ,the wife of Sri Krsna

Oshtam pathu krupa devi, Adhram gopika thadha.

Vrusha bhanu sutha danthaam schibhukam Gopa nandini. 11

Let the goddess of mercy protect my upper lip,

Let my lower lip be protected by Gopika.

Let the daughter of Vrisha Bhanu protect my teeth,

Let my chin be protected by the cowherd damsel

note : a question if raised why ask Srimati Radharani to protect a temporary body why not just because this material body is temporary it also needs protection , as it is a vehicle to serve Sri Radha and Sri Krsna, we should see it that this body belongs to Radha Krsna and is meant for their service not for material pleasures of any kind ,so we want to be the property of Sri Sri Radha Krsna .When you ask Sri Radha to protect you ,Krsna is very pleased 

Chandrawali pathu gandham, jihwam Krishna Priya thadha,

Kandam pathu hari Priya, hrudayam vijaya thadha. 12

Let She who is like a moon like creeper protect my cheeks,

Let the darling of Krishna protect my toungue,

Let my neck be protected by  the darling of Hari,

Let my chest be protected by Vijaya.

note : Vijaya is another name of Sri Radha She gives victory to Her devotees 

Bahu dhwou chandra vadana, udaram subala swasa,

Kodi yoganwitha pathu padhou sobhadrika thadha. 13

Let the lady with moon like face protect my arms,

Let my stomach be protected by sister of Subala

Let Soubhadrika protect my feet with billions of yoga.

note : Subala is not really the sister of Sri Radha , but Sri Radha thinks of Subala like a brother because he always brings her messages from Sri Krsna ,Subala is a priya narma sakha a cowherd boy friend that brings messages between Radha and Krsna .Subala even once dressed up as Radha and pretended to be Radha so Radha could sneak out to meet Sri Krsna and Radha dressed up as Subala .So Subala is so dear to Krsna and She loves him dearly .Subalas heart is full of love for the Divine couple Sri Sri Radha Krsna and never let goes of their lotushands even in dreams is the description given by Srila Raghunath das Goswami .Sri Radhas eternal broter is Sridhama and Her sister is Ananga Manjari 

Soubhadrika means Srimati Radharani is most auspiscious of all 

Jange chandra mukhi pathu gulphou gopala vallabha,

Nakhan vidhu mukhi devi, gopi pada talam thadha. 14

Let my calves by protected by moon faced one,

Let my ankles be protected by the wife of the cowherd,

Let my nails be protected by the moon faced lady.

Let the gopa maiden protect my feet.

note : In Radha Krsnas pastimes there is parakiya and Svakiya bhava, so when it says let my ankles be protected by the wife of the cowherd (Krsna) it refers to Krsna is married to Radha. Lord Brahma did the wedding of Radha Krsna in Bhandiravana and the tree under which they where married is still there have you been to Bhandiravana and paid obaisences to Radha Krsna there? 

Shubha pradha pathu prushtam, kukshou sri kantha vallabha,

Janu desam jaya pathu, harini pathu sarvatha. 15

Let the doer of good protect my back side,

Let my joints be protected by consort of Krishna,

Let my knees be protected by Jaya,

And let all my parts of the body be protected,

By the lady with deer like eyes.

note : I am bit suprised that it does not say Jayi, as that is the female for Jaya , but jaya means the same as Vijaya giver of victory ,those who take shelter of the devotees that has takes shelter of Radha also becomes victorious of going back to Godhead 

Vakhyam vani sada pathu, dhanagaram dhaneswari,

Poorvaam disaam krushnaratha, krushna prana cha paschimam. 16

Let Goddess Saraswathi protect my sentences,

Let my wealth chest be protected by goddess of wealth.

Let my east side 

be protected by  

She who pleases Krishna,

Let my west side be protected by the soul of Lord Krishna.

note :  Sarasvati and the goddess of wealt Sri Laxmi are all expansions of Sri Radha .If we see this body is protected by Srimati Radhani and belongs to Her to serve Sri Krsna then our life is perfect ,manasa deho geho yo kichu more ..dear Radha Krsna my body mind speech everything belongs to you ,this is a vaisnavas prayer .Srila Narotama das Thakura has sung Radha Krsna prana mora yugal kisora the Divine couple Radha Krsna is my life and soul 

Utharam haritha pathu, dakshinam vrushabhanuja,

Chandra vali naisameva, dhiva kshweditha mekhala. 17

Let the lady in green protect my northern side,

Let the sister of Vrushabha protect the southern side,

Let the moon like lady* protect me at night,

Let She whose anklets make sound protect me at day time.

 note : not sure what that refers to lady in green , sounds as one of Radhas sakhis dressed in green ,as the Asta sakhis has various dresses .I am not sanskrit expert but there appear to be something wrong with the translation in this sloka Vrsabhabhanuja refers to Krsna the killed of Aristasura ,I will have some expert look at this translation when I go to Vrindavana 

Soubhagyadha Madhya dhine , sayahna kama roopini,

Roudhri pratha pathu maam hi gopinee rajani kshaye. 18


She who grants luck protect me during middle of the day,


She who is personification of love protect me in the evening,

Let the angry one protect me at just before morning,

Let the lady of the gopas protect me at dawn.

note : Radharani is the Supreme Laxmi ,Sarva Laxmi ,She is a times angry with Krsna when He is unfaithful to Her .

She is a leftwing Gopi as explained in great detail by Srila Rupa Goswami in Ujjvala Nilamani .The lady of the Gopas may not be the best translation ,  I will have some one expert look at it as said 

Hethudha sangava pathu , Kethu mala abhi vardhake,

Sesha prahnaa samaye , samitha sarva sandhishu. 19


She who is reason for everything protect me for the next three hours,

Let she who holds the flag protect me for the next three hours,

Let she who always remains protect me from that time to evening ,

Let she who satisfies protect me at all dusks

Yogini bhoga samaya , rathou rathi pradha sadha,

Kamesi kouthuke nithyam , yoge rathnavali mama. 20

Let the Yogini protect me when we are making love,

Let the lover of love protect me when I am in love,

Let the goddess of love protect me when I am curious,

Let the gem studded one protect me when I am doing yoga.

note : now this will make any strict Brahmacari say stop right here . All lf Srimad Bhagavatam is about being renounced what is this!!!!!

Well there is lovemaking between husband and wife for having a Krsna consciouss child , that is certainly and hour of danger for a grhastha and one needs protection of Sri Radha .64 rounds are chanted by grhasthas before having a child .Sex if only for having a godconscious child in marriage .LEt the love of lvoe protect me when I am in love ? Vow .,that sounds like when someone is in maya .but the attraction of the opposite sex is so strong due to illusion .Like Bhagavad Gita 2.62 and 2,63 .Krsna spoke the Aila Gita in 11 canto to cut the attachement for the opposite sex . As I said I will ask a sanskrit expert to help me with the translation now many in India chant Radha Kavacha but it needs a proper translation and understanding 

Sarvadha sarva karyeshu , Radhika krisha manasa,

Ithyethath kaditham devi , kavacham parama adbutham. 21

Let Radha who is in the mind of Lord Krishna,

Always protect me in every action of mine,

Oh Devi, this is the wonderful armour of Radha.

note : Sri Krsna always thinks of Radha even in Dvaraka His mind in on Radha 

and He laments in Her seperation .This is explained in Brhad Bhagavatamrta 

Sarva raksha karam nama maha raksha karam param,

Prathar madyahna samaye sayahne prapadyathi. 22

Sarvarthi sidhi sthasya syadhyadhyan manasi varthathe,

Raja dware sabhayam cha sam grame shathru sankate, 23

Pranartha nasa samaye ya padeth prayatho nara,

Thasya sidhir bhaveth devi, na bhayam kwachid. 24

This which protects everything and is the greatest protective armour,

If read at morning , noon and evening daily,

Would lead to receipt of all types of wealth and ,

Realisation of all the desires of our mind,

Would provide protection at the gate of the king,

At any assembly ,in the middle of war,

And in case of all problems created by enemies.

A man who is pure , if he reads it,

At the time of death and loss of property,

The  Supreme goddess Sri Radha  would remove all the fears from his  or her mind .

AAradhitha Radhika cha yena sathyam na samsaya,

Ganga snana dhare nama sravanadhyal phalam labeth. 25

Thath phalam thasya bhavathi ya padeth prayatha suchi,

Haridhra rochanaa chandra manditham hari chandanam. 26

Kruthwa likhithwa bhorjje cha dharayen masthake bhuje,

Kande va deva devesi sa harirnathra samsaya. 27

There is no doubt at all, that if along with worship of Radha,

If he hears this Armour ,He will get the effect of bathing in Ganga

He who reads it after purifying himself and get it written,

Using the mixture of turmeric , musk and Sandal paste ,

On a talisman and wears it on his head or arms,

Or neck would be without doubt equal to Vishnu.

Note : In Vrindavana many wear Radha Kavacha 

Kavachasya prasadena Brahma srushtim sthithim hari,

Samharanchaham niyatham karomi kuruthe yadha. 28

It is using the power of this Kavacha That Brahma creates,

Vishnu looks after and I do my job of destruction.


note : many kavachas claim Lord Brahma got universal power from these Kavachas I have no doubt about it 

Vaishnavaya vishudhaya viraga guna shaline,

Dadhyath kavacha vyagram anyadha nasa mapnuyath. 29

This Kavacha should only be given to a devotee of Vishnu,

Who is pure and thoughts of renunciation,

Otherwise the man who receives it will face great losses.

Sri Narada Pancha rather , jnanamrutha sare, radha kavacham samaptham

Thus ends “The armour of Radha” which occurs in the chapter “The essence of nectar like wisdom”. Occurring in the book “ 

Narada Pancaratra and written by Sri Narada Muni 

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Comment by Paramananda das on June 22, 2018 at 7:01am

it appears Vrushabhanuja ,refers to the child of Vrsabhanu Maharaja the father of Sri Radha


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