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prayers to the sweet flute player Krsna along with Sri Radha !
oh Sweet flute player ,when will you dance in my heart when I chant Japa of yours and Sri Radhas holy names Hare Krsna ?
Oh Sweet flute player I waited for you for so many births , I did not even know about you ,how have I wasted so much time being placed in darkness of Tama Guna ,when will all ignorance leave my life when I utters yours and Radhas holy names Hare Krsna?
Oh Sweet Flute player you are the source of all sweetness in this World and beyond ,you are the only one my heart longs for Krsna Krsna ! Thus I chant Krsna Krsna !
Oh Sweet fluteplayer when you are with Sri Radha only are you lilas complete and to your full satisfaction !Thus I chant Hare Hare ! RADHE Radhe
Oh sweet flute player all your astakaliya lilas are within this Mahamantra I chant Hare Rama and remember your 8 fold pastimes
Oh Sweet fluteplayer, wether you hold Vamsi or Murli or Venu flute ,how I wish I can hear this flute playing of yours, but Sanatana Goswami has described the Mahamantra is just like hearing your flute so I chant Hare Rama and pray the whole world will chant the Hare Krsna mantra !
Oh Sweet fluteplayer what happiness is there outside of hearing you play the flute ? Will you not allow this devotee of yours to kindly hear your flute playing and give pleasure to his soul thus I chant Rama Rama
Oh sweet flute player is there anything so sweet in this world as your sweet pastimes in Vrindavana ? I pray I may one day see you play your flute and Sri Radha and the gopis dance and their ankelbells jingle as they dance to the sound of you flute thus I remember your beloved Radhas lotusfeet and I chant Hare Hare ! Radhe Radhe !

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