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glories of Sri Laxmana revealed in fighting with Indrajit

 Indrajit got the title from Lord Brahma because he defeated Indra and took him prisoner,Lord Brahma had to personally come and ask Meghanad,Ravanas son to please returne Indra.Later when Indrajit was fighting Laxmana ,Lord Laxmana first pretended defeat ,but when he met the puffed up Indrajit he was surprised when he shot the Brahmastra, Lord Brahma who is this weapon personified , offered obaisences to Laxmana and the weapon did of course not even touch the Supreme Lord Laxmana similarly the weapons of Siva and even Visnu also offered obaisences to Lord Laxmana at this point Indrajit got real worried that the 3 most powerful weapons in creation where all worshipping Sri Laxmana ! Then Indrajit told Ravana a good advise, my dear father Ravana , Laxmana is not a ordinary mortal He is Visnu Himself, Brahmas weapon and Sivas weapon even worship Him and Lord Visnus weapon that is non different from Sudarshan Chakra circumbulated Laxmana and let ,therefore it is better you give Sita back to Ramachandra and avoid the destruction of the demon race.Indrajit was actually intelligent but on Ravanas order he went back into battle and got killed by Sri Laxmana, but since Indrajit understood Sri Laxmana is the Supreme Lord , it is not hard to understand that Indrajit must have obtained if not Vaikuntha an exalted position as the Lords devotee, because he had veneration for Sri Laxmana having never found a greater warrior .Indrajit had even saved Ravana from Indra, but he understood he was no match for Laxmana and thus developed devotion for him it comes out clearly at the end of Ramayana .He should have forsaken Ravanas order, but he still went ahead and was fighting Lord Sri Laxmana…..I think this is amazing lilas !

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