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please read Rasika Mangala and Shyamananda Sataka !

please read Rasika Mangala and Shyamananda Sataka !



dear vaisnava friends  
Please accept my humble obaisences 
All glories to Srila Prabhupada 
all glories to the lotusfeet of my Gurudeva and to the lotusfeet of our Guruvarga,All glories to the Pancatattva and Sri Sri Radha Madhava surrounded by the Asta Sakhis 
today is the  disapperance day of Srila Rasikananda Prabhu , HH Bhakti Vikas Swami has taken much  time and effort to translate Rasika Mangal into English ,I am very thankful for his contribution to the vaisnava society .
 Though I am hard hearted tears filled my eyes when I was reading again about Rasikananda Prabhu he is such a dear associate of Lord Caitanya .Hearing and reading also of Shyamananda Sataka written by Srila Rasikananda Prabhu softens the heart and love for Shyamananda Prabhu  will develop in the heart . 
 We should follow the footsteps of Srila Rasikananda Prabhu and daily chant 64 rounds , even as a child Srila Rasikananda Prabhu did so : 
Shri Rasika-mangala, Eastern part, 6th Wave:
“When Shri Rasikananda was a child, he did not waste time playing games like other children. Rather, he would meditate on the maha-mantra. His daily practice was to chant 100,000 Holy Names (64 rounds). He would refuse to accept his mother’s foodstuffs until he completed his above chanting.”
Lord Caitanya  has stated Krsna will only accept our offerings after we have chanted 64 rounds daily and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada has commented on this as recorded in Caitanya Bhagavata.
Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata Madhya Khanda 15.5,
ushah kale ganga-snana kariya nirjane;
dui laksha krishna-nama laya pratidine.
Purport by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada:
kathita ache, shri haridasa thakura pratyaha tina-laksha nama grahana karitena. jagai-madhai u pratyaha dui laksha nama grahana karitena. yanhara pratyaha laksha nama grahana karena na, tanhadera nivedita kona vastui shri chaitanyadeva grahana karena na. shri caitany-carananucara-gana pratyaha atyalpa pakshe laksha-nama grahana avasyei kariya thakena, natuva shri krishna tanhadera naivedya grahana na karaya bhagavad-ucchishta praptira vicare vyaghat ghate.
"It is well-known that Namacharya Shrila Haridasa Thakura used to chant 300,000 names daily. Jagai-Madhai also used to chant 200,000 names daily after being delivered by the Lord. Lord Chaitanyadeva does not accept any kind of offering (or vastu) from those who don't chant 100,000 names of Krishna daily, The followers surrendered to the lotus of Lord Chaitanya compulsorily chant a bare minimum of 100,000 names daily. If they don't do so Lord Shri Krishna will not accept any of their offerings and thus they will be obstructed or remain unsuccessful in their attempt to obtain the transcendental remnants (prasadam) of the Lord."
We should not remain shadow devotees , we should follow  strictly the teachings of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada and not deviate we should carefully study Manah Siksa daily and read Dusta Mana .Then when we read Rasika Mangala and Shyamananda Sataka we will be qualified to get their sweet mercy . I pray to the lotusfeet of Sri Rasikananda Prabhu and Sri Shyamananda Prabhu to place their lotus feet on my head and I bow to the disciple of Srila Rasikananda ,Sri Gopijanavallabha for having written the Rasika Mangala .The dust of the lotusfeet of the 6 Goswamis of Vrindavana is my aspiration birth after birth .
I offer my sat stanga pranams at the lotusfeet of all vaisnavas wether they be kanistha,madhyama or Uttama adhikaris 
vaisnava das das anu das\
Paramananda das
Shyamananda recieving tilaka from Sri Radha in Manjari svarupa this was in Nidhuvana in Nidhuvana we must offer obaisences to this sacred place 

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