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Mahaduyti Swamis bad example
dandavat pranams
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
all glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga
Today some fresh memories about Mahaduyti Swami's past as being a TP of ISKCON Soho street, London came to my mind. I was serving there for most of 1996 as Bhakta Leader
Asrama Leader and Sankirtana leader and I guess as Temple Commander as well, one day some Mataji's and Prabhus told me, this one Mataji is going to meet with a Karmi guy every day and we are worried for her. She was a young Mataji from Peru I forgot the name .I told Mahaduyti about the concern the devotees have, and he said then why do you not marry her?
I thought Mahduyti is such an incompetent rascal he should be kicked out, as TP and all leadership in ISKCON he obviously have no brains for any position So she just kept running of and seeing the Karmi, and nothing was done..Also, one Brahmacari took a Mataji with him to ISKCON Irland and paid for her ticket and they were sitting and talking and he was flirting with her and I was supposed to be the Asrama leader so I mention this to the Vice president,I believe Pariksit Prabhu, he correctly chastised him that you should act like a Brahmacari and not fly with a Mataji like this. Mahaduyti scolded, Pariksit Prabhu and elderly Vaisnava gentleman .I thought I am done living in ISKCON temples, these Jewish ISKCON leaders are destroying ISKCON
After that, I moved to Bhaktivedanta Manor and resigned from ISKCON Soho street, and distributed Srila Prabhupada's books there until I moved to Washington Dc in 1997 to never live permanently in any ISKCON temple again
These memories came back today and Krsna in my heart is encouraging me to file this complaint, it is typical of the bad leadership we see again and again in ISKCON , devotees and leaders are often not properly trained
your servant
Paramananda das

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