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the real Anuttama is anti book distribution and puri ty in ISKCON

the real Anuttama is anti book distribution and purity in ISKCON

interesting to see Krsna Seva Prabhu and Yajna Purusha and Hladini Sakti Prabhus distributing Srila Prabhupadas books in the New York Airports I was also doing that in 1989 and 90 ,but Anuttama das was never a help to book distribution in Washington DC, when I distributed books to Chelsea Clinton ,he stated that should not be done..What ? ?? Such a nonsense, well Chelsea Clinton read the books and shared them with her dad Bill CLinton ,and later Chelsea told me in 1998 that her dad was becoming a vegetarian from reading Higer Taste ,sorry Anuttama das was part of the TP council in 1995 to ask me to leave the temple at ISKCON Potomac because I was opposed to the Demigod worship and Satya Narayana Pujas, but as usual Prabhupada disciples does any damn thing to make money, I complained to the GBC, in 1997 they invited me back to collect money for Trikalajnas pocket , I said no thank you I spend enough time in ISKCON collecting for grhamedhi Temple presidents. Never trust Hare Krsna socalled leaders ,they do not follow Srila Prabhupada

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