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I am not responsible for another adult in KC

Dandavat pranams

Jaya Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Giridhari Jaya Srila Prabhupada

One of the misconceptions there is in ISKCON is that Gurus are responsible for another adults behavior this is bogus ,I am not responsible for ISKCON GBC's misbehavior and if I did anything wrong they are not responsible for me.We are however responsible to follow Srila Prabhupadas instructiones.Some persons like Jayadvaita Swami thinks he is responsible to harass everyone un till they accept his reedited version of Prabhupadas books .But thousands of devotees do not because Srila Prabhupada never told him to edit his books.

One time Ramabhadra  told me if you do not marry such and such she will bloob, this is a very lowclass kick under the belt when you are a kind human being and devotee.I had told Ramabhadra  that why is he always hanging out with women during Brahma Muhurta.,,,The former TP in ISKCON Potomac ,Sasthivara  was sitting and sleeping every morning during Japa time it was really embarrasing.So I started to wake him up as he slepts every morning, finally he kicked me out of the temple...was it  not my responsibility ,  sleeping during Japa for anyone is bogus. 

Am I responsible for Ramabhadra ignoring Prabhupadas instructions not to have a bingo hall ,am I am GBC? No but I am a member of ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada told me once in my dreams if you see deviation you must report it . Will some persons become angry with me to hamper their sensegratification ,certainly.

  Niranjana Swami had several disciples in ISKCON Boston that was falling down and not following the 4 regs, one lady disciple of his got pregnant in the temple .He was chastising me left and right for no good reason , obviously he could not keep the temple pure.Later he put one Nimai something a well known gay as a TP...Ramaraya Prabhu complained to me that I should speak to Niranjana Swami but I had left that temple long ago in disgust, over his fallen disciples and some fallen disciples of Satsvarupa  (who also violated sannyasa)

Yesterday I was thinking let me buy a Bingo game and send it to the GBC in Mayapure and joke Ramabhadra will teach you how to play it.The GBC does not stop this as they are to busy making money themselves. ISKCON  GBC is often very irresponsible and I can write a book, with 5000 pages about this.But I am responsible to myself and my family.Siksa disciples I can only advise, they are not my responsibility , they are not taking the vow to chant minimum 16 rounds and follow 4 regs ,  so all I can do is to advise them and warn them.I keep telling one siksa disciple to take rest early but never listen. What can I do .........

Sometimes devotees tell me, you stopped sending me things about KC, but they are not my responsibility   they do not even keep in

touch they are just looking to exploit me somehow.And  phony devotee friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In LA devotees used to gossip how Svavasa is making to much money they do so to this day..I once put the rumor to rest but it had consequences...I am very bold.(some says not very diplomatic, I do not play these games to later use a devotee) Mukunda Maharaja got 6000 dollars from Jaya Kesava Prabhu (who now has left the association of devotees , a Prabhupada disciple) .I told Jaya Kesava that why are you giving him all this money you need it in emergency,  he did anyway and lost faith in ISKCON .....It is not my responsibility.

  Other adults is not my responsibility...I am responsible only to myself and my family. 


vaisnava das anu das

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Comment by Paramananda das on October 28, 2012 at 10:11am

 but I always try to help everyone I can ....


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