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Girirani may not be a speculation after all

Prem Prayojan Prabhu wrote me:

No male person can witness the intimate meeting of Radha Krsna. Subal has to stay outside the kunja and fan by pulling a rope connected to a fan inside. Even during rasa-lila, the demigoddesses can see the lila. Their husbands only see Krsna dancing but not the gopis, according to VCT. So only females can be a witness to the intimate pastimes of Sri Radha Krsna. Therefore Raghunath Das Gosvami has written -- rasa-nidhi nava yunoh saksinim dana-keler....syama vedim prakasya..."Govardhana has manifested in the form of the syama-vedi to be the female witness of the lila of the young couple who are an ocean of rasa. Saksi is masculine. This verse says "SAKSINI" which is feminine.

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