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Bhismadeva took the vow of celibacy so his father Santanu could marry Satyavati actually Bhisma was the son of Santanu and Gangadevi .His name was Devarata ,Bhisma was given due to his powerful vow of celibacy and heaven shook and the demigods proclaimed Bhisma, Bhisma , Bhisma (means one who took a terrible vow, for the demigods who enjoy sex life such a vow of celibacy is terrifying ) karmana manasa vaca sarvavasthasu sarvada
sarvatra maithuna-tyago brahmacaryam pracaksate

“The vow of brahmacarya is meant to help one completely abstain from sex indulgence in work, words, and mind—at all times, under all circumstances and in all places.”
(Yagnavalkya-smrti, as quoted in Bg. 6.13-14)

ayus tejo balam viryam
prajna sris ca yasas tatha
punyata satpriyatvam ca
vardhate brahmacaryaya

“By the practice of brahmacarya, longevity, luster, strength, vigor, knowledge, beauty, fame, piety, and devotion to truth increase.”Image may contain: 2 people

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