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dear Vaisnavas Please accept my humble obaisences All glories to Srila Prabhupada In our stage of Bhakti it is very essential to attend mangal artik or perform it in our own home if we live outside the temple. Sometimes devotees get engaged in collecting for Guru and Krsna and to some extent for personal use for grhastha maintanence etc. Other devotees engage in straight preaching and bookdistribution others work outside .However Srila Prabhupada never authorized us to stop chanting our rounds. and not attend mangal artik.

Srila Prabhupada wrote to Gopijanavallabha däsa on September 19, 1974, : “Upon your recommendation I am initiating the following disciples. You must see that they strictly follow the regulative principles, the four prohibitions as well as the devotional practices of rising early, taking morning bath, putting on tilaka, attending mangal artik, chanting japa sixteen rounds, and attending Srimad-Bhägavatam class. This is the duty of all my initiated disciples, whether they are big or small. Everyone is a devotee. So everyone is expected to follow the devotional practices. Here in Vrindävana I am enjoying my disciples how they are speaking. So two times daily everyone must attend the classes. During the morning and evening times there should be no business, simply kirtana. c

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