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March 2020 Blog Posts (6)

Vaisnava amrta chapter 11 Gopichandan and Sri Krsnas Tilaka


Lord Sri Krsna has 3 kinds of Tilaka , 1 made of kasturi , musk from the deer , it makes a black line on Krsna forhead, 2 is Gorocana ,gallstones from cows , and 3 kunkuma .It sppears Lord Sri Krsna at times wore tilaka as one line made of Sandalwood. Unfortunatly there is no mention I could find of the Tilaka worn by Lord Caitanya and His associates.Except for Lord Caitanya having tilaka made of chandan sandalwood in Navadvipa.

There is a common misconception that Sri Krsna…


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Chapter 10 Vaisnava Amrta Srila Prabhupada a Priya Sakha or Priya narma sakha?

In the Vraja Vilasa Stava by Srila Raghunath das Goswami hei s glorified in this way”: TEXT 22

Filled with deep love for him, and anxious that they may be separated, Subala never, even in dream, lets go of the hand of Sri Krsna, the moon of Gokula. Subala’s heart is sprinkled with the waters of the swiftly moving mountain stream of devotion to Srimati Radhika. I offer my respectful obeisances to Subala whose body trembles with love for Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.”

Where was Srila…


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Vaisnava Amrta chapter 9 :Srila Prabhupadas and Lord Caitanya mercy on me

Before the Srila Prabhupadas marathon in 1983 in Germany , Harikesa came to a place devotees had purchased near the city of Koblenz it was called Laubach and in the country site , it was a former guest house and hotel and so there was enough space for the over hundred devotees either selling paintings or Srila Prabhupadas books .So during the lecture he mentioned devotees could let the books fly because the Laxmi had already been covered by devotees selling paintings.That time also printing…


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Vaisnava Amrta chapter 8 Avoding Vaisnava Aparadha


Srila Narahari Thakura has warned us:

ohe bhai vaisnavete sabadhana habe

pranapana kari’ aparadha ksamaibe

O my brothers, please be very careful in dealing with the Vaisnavas. Beg their forgiveness for any offense with your heart and soul.

Vaisnava aparadha

yo hi bhagavatam lokam upahasam nrpottama

koroti yasya nasyanti artha dharma yasah sutah

hanti nindati vai dvesti vaisnavan na abhinandati

krudhyate yati no harsam…


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Vaisnava Amrta chapter 7 Krsna is the true husband of all women and all Jivas !

Anyone who think they are wife and husbands are in illusion, Krsna only is the Supreme Husband of all Jivas,we hear this clearly from Laxmidevi and Rukmini devi in Srimad Bhagavatam:

SB 5.18.17: Accompanied during the daytime by the sons of the Prajāpati [the predominating deities of the days] and accompanied at night by his daughters [the deities of the nights], Lakshmīdevī worships the Lord during the period known as the Samvatsara in His most merciful form as Kāmadeva. Fully…


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Vaisnava Amrta chapter 6 Navadvipa Stuti and Navadvika Sataka

Navadvipa Sataka and Navadvipa Stuti


In 2009 I posted the Navadvipa Sataka on These prayers to Sri Navadvipa are essential reading . The 9 ISlands of Navadvipa contains all 12 forest of Vrindavana in actuality Navadvipa and Vrindavana is non different. Srila Jagannatha das Babaji spend many years in Surya kunda near Radha Kunda chanting his 128 rounds or more daily then he transfered to…


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