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The Greedy Gollum Money Maharaja BKG (Bir Krishna Goswami)

The Greedy Gollum Money Maharaja BKG (Bir Krishna Goswami)
Child Protection
December 7, 1999 VNN5034 December 7, 1999 VNN5034 Bir Krishna alias Goswami
Bir Krishna alias Goswami
Bir Krishna Goswami - Condemned by His Own Son
Protector of child molesters, Protector of VILE PEDOPHILE Sannyasi's
false guru stealing Srila Prabhupadas' disciples, preaching bogus philosophy
EDITORIAL, Dec 7 (VNN) — I find it disturbing that Bir Krishna Goswami would deny his own son the right to a home while voting in favor of sending one million dollars to needy children around the world. He used karma as the excuse for his own neglect and the subsequent suffering of his son but is not prepared to discount the children of strangers on the same grounds. If he and ISKCON receive political gains from benevolence he is more than in favor of providing assistance, if the only advantage is that of a stable residence and healthy life for his son BKG has no sympathy.

The following are three letters the first was written by myself and circulated to many ISKCON temples and several individuals. The second is a letter written by Bir Krishna Das Goswami and the third is my response.

In the Varnasrama system there are divisions of development. The final stage is called sannyasa. According to tradition, when a man has fulfilled his familial responsibilities by raising his children and placing the care of his wife in the hands of his sons he should become renounced. Being old and close to death he should give up all attachments such as money, sex life and family bonds. Completing his days in poverty and peaceful seclusion.

After Bruce Owen Jacobs joined the Hare Krishna movement he found a wife and fathered a son. His Jewish family initially refused to support his decision but left him to his choice. Irresponsibly, Bruce neglected to take direct financial care for his family, devoting his energy to religious self-promotion. He traveled the world seeking converts and followers leaving his wife and infant son behind. In 1978, with a three-year-old son, he legally divorced his wife and immediately took sannyasa.

Bir Krishna Das Goswami too the vow never to lay eyes upon or communicate with the mother of his child. He renounced all responsibilities, personal and financial. When family relations where financially and emotionally beneficial he hypocritically ignored his vows.

After severing his bonds of responsibility Bir Krishna Maharaja began to rebuild his ties to his parents and their families. His grandmother financed the construction of his temple in North Carolina. His father made regular donations until his death. Bruce Jacobs made a practice of paying regular visits to his parent's houses, vacationing with his mother and accepting personal gifts.

For a brief time of less than a year his son was under his direct supervision. Being embarrassed of the visible contradiction to his vows he sent his son to live with a stranger and refused to develop a personal relationship.

When his former wife and son where thrust into poverty he was renounced of all concern. While accepting the offerings of his followers and living in comfort and security, his vows kept him from acting as an advocate for the life of his son to his wealthy parents.

As his son was reaching maturity it was clear that he didn't agree with the philosophy of Bir Krishna Das Goswami. Just as the sannyasa could not be seen with a young son the guru could not face a grown son who disagreed. Embarrassed and bitter that his son was not a faithful follower Bruce Jacobs encouraged his mother to stop buying his sons clothes, thereby forcing him out of college. Although he had never taken the responsibility of a father he demanded the obedience of his son. He didn't have the honesty to directly state his intentions and used lies and deceit as tools of manipulation.

Not only did Bir Krishna Das Goswami use his vows to neglect all familial responsibility but he also lied to his parents and his son undermining his first success and opportunities. Bruce actively destroyed the relationships between his son and his own parents through open lies and feigned intervention. As a result his son was misdirected into homelessness in a foreign country where he suffered a level of poverty that the renounced sannyasa has never known.

Calling his sons suffering karma he left his sons cries for help unanswered for nearly a year and manipulated his parents to do the same, idly watching as his son almost died of disease. Bruce Jacobs was trying to insure that ISKCON would be his son's only option for stability at the expense of his life. He did this to keep face before his followers and save his delusional image of self-perfection.

When Bruce Jacobs took sannyasa he found a worshipful community, parental patronage, peace and stability. Bir Krishna Das Goswami left his son a fractured childhood, poverty, social seclusion and perpetual instability.

I know this is true because I was his son.

Letter COM:2816794 (128 lines)
From: Bir Krishna das Goswami
Date: 29-Nov-99 14:30
To: <-snip->
Cc: Ekatma (das) SS (Helsinki - FIN) [3872]
Subject: Message from someone claiming to be your son
I decided to write the whole story so you can forward to anyone who is interested. If you feel some parts are not appropriate (other's might be hurt) then do the needful.

Here it is:
In 1976 I was temple president in Caracas, Venezuela. I was married and had a son. They were provided for nicely as we had a whole house rented for us by the temple. There was sufficient money, etc. The person I was married to decided that she did not want to be married to me any longer approached Hridayananda Maharaja who tried with my help to keep the marriage together.

She insisted that she wanted to leave. She left with my son and went to the Miami temple. Shortly thereafter I went to Miami to attempt to see her, but was informed by the temple president (Narahari) that she did not want to see me or speak to me. I left Miami and went back to Caracas to continue my service. Shortly after that I was informed that she had an illicit relationship with a devotee in the temple.

After this she went through a series of relationships. At the age of 5-6 my son was sent to Gurukula. I kept contact with him. Brahmatirtha Prabhu was his teacher. He was never abused or mistreated in Gurukula in any way and during some of his vacations he visited me in Miami where I was the temple president.

After the Gurukula closed in Lake Huntington, he came to stay with me in North Carolina. I did not want him to attend a public school so I convinced my father to pay for tutoring with a neighbor. I was happy that he was doing well there.

Then his grandfather (my father) who was quite well to do invited him to live with him and promised him more material facility than I could provide.

His mother encouraged him to go there as she saw the possibility of getting money in the future from this arrangement.

I wanted to keep him with me, but he was so determined to leave that he threatened to set fire to the temple if we did not let him go to live with his grandfather. At this point I agreed to let him go as he was heavily influenced by his mother and his grandfather. I could not compete with them.

At his grandfather's he became a discipline problem. His mother kept telling him that he would get alot of opulence if he just buttered up his grandfather. His grandfather eventually sent him to a military academy to try and help him, but he created such havoc in the military academy that they threw him out.

Then he went home to his mother. His mother did not have a stable home situation and had different relationships as previously mentioned. She even had relationships with women. He witnessed all of this. He and his brother had severe mental problems dealing with this. At one point they were sent to a mental institution. At another they were sent to a foster home where he was abused (either sexually, physically or both). I should also mention that at this time she did some legal manuvering so that she had sole custody and sole rights to him and I did not have any say.

Eventually he made it to college in South Dakota and was doing well. He was being sent money by his relatives to continue. He refused to work any job at the college to help with the support. Still he was being supported. His support never stopped

Then after 2-3 years of college he came accross some Rabbi who convinced him to go to Israel to become Jewish. He dropped out of college, wrote several bad checks to finance his trip (also got money from my mother), and went to Israel. He was disappointed to find out when he went to Israel that they would not automatically accept him as a citizen since his mother was not Jewish. Eventually he left Israel and went to Egypt with the hope of finding a good wife or wives there as by then he had become a Muslim.

During this time he was supported by the family (I also contributed).

The primary supporter was my mother, but my stepmother, grandmother and others contributed.

For a year or two he resided in Egypt being sent $500 per month. He was also sent other things, like I sent him a computer. After some time we all decided and gave him notice that he should start supporting himself. He was given 6 months notice. It was actually me who pushed for the support, but the others wanted to stop for a variety of reasons; mainly because he was very very abusive to those who supported him. He is also a misogenist (spelling?) because of experiences that he had in his past family life.

When he was informed that the support would stop, I told him that I would arrange for his passage back to the USA if he went to LA and I would arrange for an apartment and job for him. I was informed that he wanted to go to New York to try and approach my father's wife (my father has since passed away) for what he considered his share of the inheritance. None of us, except for the wife got anything. She was deathly afraid of him as was my mother, so I did not want him going anywhere near New York. Therefore I informed the embassy that I would only pay for his ticket back if he went to Los Angeles.

If he went to New York I would have no part in it.

I should explain that throughout his stay in Egypt he was threatening my mother, stepmother, and myself. They are afraid of him and have the police notified that if he shows up he should be restrained.

So, he went to New York against my advice and offered help. He made his way up to my stepmother's house to try and get some money from her (he thinks she has stolen his rightful inheritance). She was frightened to see him, but still gave him a sizable amount of money to get him out of the way. She disappeared for some time in an attempt to safeguard her life. At this time she wants nothing to do with him and does not answer her phone out of fear of him.

Also when he went to New York he terrorized a Social Worker, and driver's license examiner. Both were women. The driver's license examiner called for the police, and they came and stayed in the office with their guns. He was thrown out. The social worker said that he was dangerous and advised my stepmother to stay away from him.

My mother wants nothing to do with him at this time.

I am the only one who is sending him money at this point. Everyone else is completely fried with him. He was offered by my stepmother that she would match any money that he made at an honest job, which he refuses to do saying that it is beneath him. A doctor even refused to see him saying that he was feigning illness in order to get welfare.

I am told by others (who shall remain nameless to protect their lives), to not send him anymore. Still I am doing it out of sentiment, even though he has been extremely abusive to me.

Anyway this is the backround. It is unfortunate. We ask the devotees to pray for him. I am doing what I can now.

These facts can be verified by:
Hridayananda Maharaja,
Krishna Priya devi dasi (TP of Hillsborough, NC)
Lynn Hoffman (my mother)
Marlene Jacobs (my stepmother)
Kenneth Hoffman (my stepfather)
(Text COM:2813198)

This is in response to a letter circulated by Bir Krishna Goswami. BKG has used bits and pieces of what I have told him to demonize me. I have never been arrested or detained by police for any reason since a traffic violation at the age of 15.

Regarding my grandfathers widow, she did not give me a sizable amount of money in NY or any where else. She refused to help me when I was in school after my grandfather died except with a meager $100 a month. Bruce Jacobs' mother did in fact stop buying me clothes my third year in school after I visited BKG in NC and had made it respectfully clear that I was not a Hare Krishna. My father also made promises regarding continuing my education in the University of NC because my small university did not offer a physics degree. Bruce misled me, and by the end of the summer no arrangements had been made and I was discouraged from ever returning to NC.

I do not deny the improper action of writing bad checks and using my student loan money to leave the country. At that point I was in a bad situation and felt the need to take drastic action.

Bruce's mother promised to make arrangements with a Jewish organization that housed students in Israel. When I arrived no one had heard of me or my grandmother. They sent me away because I was not Jewish. When my money ran out she was sending me letters full of advice but no money. I needed food but she was trying to send me to make friends with distant family members and socialites.

When I went to the the temple in Tel Aviv, by the direction of my father, they where disappointed by my beard and respectful quiet difference of religion. They sent me to the street.

I never met a Rabbi in the USA who convinced me to convert to Judaism. I don't even know if there is one in South Dakota.

My grandfathers widow abused me physically and psychologically, like many step parents do, during the short time that I lived with my grandfather. She isolated me from my grandfather and herself, beat me to welts several times and then disposed of me in summer camps and military school. When I was in high school she intercepted letters to my grandfather. After he died she felt no obligation to help me.

I told these things to my father many times throughout the years but he was never concerned enough to intervene. When my mother won custody it was uncontested and after she became a lesbian and later remaried her disposals of me and my brother where never questioned and my father and his family never intervened.

When I was in Israel I had become very sick and needed hospital care. I called Marlene to forward money to the hospital so they could admit me. She refused saying, "If I send you money now you will want more later." and," I don't want you living a good life... ."

I never made a threat against any ones life or safety. I did however suggest a threat of suicide. I became angry with Lynn Hoffman once on the phone because of her continued disinterest in my financial situation accompanied by her demand of obedience. After this she refused to answer the phone.

I went to Egypt for the free medical care and the cheaper prices. I worked for several months illegal construction in Eilat and Tel Aviv until I was denied the right to reenter Israel for working illegally. I was stuck in Egypt without any money and homeless. I tried repeatedly to contact Lynn, Marlene and my father all of whom refused to even answer the phone for nearly a year. I caught Cholera, changed my religion and was eventually helped by a friend back to some semblance of health.

I borrowed money and went to Cairo where I tried to repatriate through the embassy. They required contact information for family members able to pay and contacted Marlene, Bruce and Lynn. No one agreed to pick me up at the airport or provide residence in the USA so Lynn decided, out of convenience, to leave me in Egypt with $500 per month. Every month the money was late I tried every possible method to keep her interested in my life. Nothing worked, so I simply stopped writing her. My father and his mother repeated that every month would be the last. When the money stopped it was a surprise. After one year and nine eight months I repatriated through the embassy; no one picked me up at the airport; no one had a home for me to return to.

Bir Krishna wanted me to move to California because he believed I would some how reconvert to Hare Krishna under the direction of Hridiananda. He doesn't understand or respect the effect his manipulations and lack of parenthood have had on me. If his parents told him something different that is between them.

When I visited Marlene in NY she put me in a hotel for three days gave me $250 and disappeared with her boyfriend Bernie. She told me she would give me an apartment and a car, but she just disappeared.

When I spoke to Bruce on the phone he told me he and his mother would give me an apartment in NY city and help me with medical expenses. After several days of misleading dialogue I told him I was not a vegetarian. During our next conversation he simply said, "We have decided not to help you."

I have nothing to gain and nothing to loose. I only want that the community into which I was born is informed about the misuse of religion and the hypocrisy of one of its most prominent members. I would not curse another child to endure the kind of life that religious hypocrisy, megalomania, greed and neglect have caused.

It is important to note that Bir Krishna Goswami lays the blame for his neglect on the words and behavior of a six year old boy who had never had a stable parent.

Bir Krsna Swami bullies devotees and is very offensive in many ways, he also allows homosexual disciples to be married to each other he is a total scam and he promotes that women should be Gurus especially Jewish women

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