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Dandavat pranams
All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga ,Gandarvika Giridhari
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
I was reading Devamrta Swamis : Swamis and perfumes
Actually any duty free perfume shop does not have chemical free perfumes so such perfumes are not fit to be offered to Radha and Krsna, though the devotional sentiment is nice, if you go to Vrindavana there you can obtain chemical free perfumes such as Kadambha oils, Campaka oil, pure sandalwood oils, Jasmine oil etc ,
Actually for winter you can offer Radha Krsna ..Saffron oil
Spring is Rose oil
Summer Jasmine and Kush
Autumn: Kadamba and Campaka oils
and for all seasons one can offer Sandalwood
I learned this from Visvambara Goswami the headpujari of Radha Ramana temple  in Vrindavana and he was Srila Prabhupadas close friend.(seeking his advise on how to worship Giriraja in 1986)
Nowadays Radha Krsna are offered cheap custom made jewels and cheap perfumes it brakes my heart They need real jewelry and the best of oils nothing is to good for the Divine Couple Radha Krsna
Radharani is not some mundane girlfriend that likes cheap or expensive perfumes, some perfumes from Italy for example is a 100 dollars for a small bottle , my wife sometimes uses this kind of stuff and I once knocked over one such bottle, boy was I was in trouble, but even such expensive perfumes can not be offered to Radha  Krsna, they have   alcohol and some synthetic stuff, in India often Chemicals are used
In Vrindavana  oils are placed in small part under the eye if water comes to your eyes they are not offered to Yugal Kisora Radha Krsna
but there is pure oils still available in India,especially in Vrindavana, but you need to ask the right persons...accross from Krsna Balarama Mandir there is one such shop  , Aindra Prabhu and myself always bought there ( I still do when I go to Vrindavana and insence there is also high class quality)
vaisnava das anu das

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