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INTRUDUCTION TO CHAPTER THREE - SOKA-SatanaImage result for Srivasa Thakura dancing

This chapter consists of thirteen songs describing one pastime of Lord Caitanya as follows:
Once, during an all-night kirtana performed by the Lord in Srivasa Pandita's courtyard, one of the five sons of Srivasa died within the house due to some disease. All the household ladies began to cry loudly in lamentation, which was heard by Srivasa as he was chanting and dancing with Lord Caitanya out in the courtyard. Entering the house, he pacified the distressed ladies with sweet spiritual instructions and then returned to the kirtana as if nothing had happened. In the morning the kirtana finally stopped, and Lord Caitanya inquired if anything was wrong in the house, for He was not getting the usual ecstasy from His all-night kirtana. Being informed of the fate of the boy, the Lord became severely afflicted with loving separation and asked that the body be brought out into the courtyard. Then asking the dead boy why he had died, The Lord manifested the jiva soul back into the body, and the boy spoke many transcendental truths very similar to those spoken by the dead son of King Citraketu in the 16th chapter of the 6th canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Afterwards Lord Caitanya, accompanied by all the devotees, celebrated the funeral ceremony of the boy in great ecstasy, being joined by the personified Ganges, Sri Jahnavi devi herself.
This pastime is mentioned only briefly by Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami in the Caitanya-caritamrta, (Adi-lila 17. 227-229). However, it is described more elaborately by Srila Vrndavanadasa Thakura in the Caitanya-bhagavata, Madhya-lila chapter 25, entitled "The description of transcendental truth by the dead body". Within this chapter the lila is described in less than 70 verses, and the conversations are very brief, giving basic outline to the whole story. However, Bhaktivinoda Thakura picks up and expands all the detailed elements of the lila and philosophy in 13 songs, totaling 91 verses. This greatly elaborates on the character of the Lord as well as His dealings with the devotees through the format of simple Bengali songs of varying meters. Thus the entire chapter is very wonderful for singing in various ways, as well as for tasting a richly condensed version of Lord Caitanya's transcendental character and teachings.
The individual headings to all the songs, also listed below, were apparently not part of the original composition, but were added sometime later during subsequent Gaudiya Math reprints of Gita-mala.


1) Lord Gaurahari's performance of congregational chanting in Srivasa Pandita's courtyard; the death of Srivasa's son.

2) Srivasa gives solace to his family members.

3) Statement about dedication of the soul surrendered to Krsna.

4) Srivasa forbids th crying,being fearful of disrupting Mahaprabhu's kirtana.

5) Manifestation of symptoms of separation by Bhakta-vatsala (Lord Caitanya) due to the death of His dear devotee.

6) The affectionate inclinations of Sri Gaurahari towards His own devotee.

7) The manifestation of various absolute truths from the mouth of the dead boy.

8) The bound soul takes different types of births according to its different fruitive reactions.

9) Birth in the house of a devotee only by dint of one's great fortune

10) The Lord praises the glories of His devotees.

11) Remembrance of the Lord is actual wealth, and forgetfulness of Him is actual calamity.

12) Sri Gaurahari performs the funeral ceremony along with His associates.

13) Prayer unto all the hearers of this story.

GITAMALA--- CHAPTER THREE "SOKA-SATANA" (The Dispelling of Grief), "Sri-Gauranga-lila-caritra" (The Character and Activities of Lord Gauranga's Transcendental Pastimes).

--- Lord Gaurahari's Performance of Congregational Chanting
in Srivasa Pandita's Courtyard

pradosa-samaye, sribasa-angane,

sangopane goramani

sri hari-kirtane, nace nana-range,

uthilo mangala-dhvani

In the evening twilight, within the privacy of Srivasa Pandita's courtyard, the cream-lustered jewel, Lord Gauramani, raised a most auspicious vibration by His chanting of Hari-kirtana, which He personally accompanied by dancing in various playful moods.

mrdanga madala, baje karatala,

majhe majhe jaya tura

prabhur natana, dekhi' sakaler,

hoilo santapa dura

Accompanied by the paying of the mrdanga drum and karatalas, and amidst occasional victorious shouts of "Jaya! Jaya!", the dramatic dance of the Lord dispelled the grief of all those who witnessed it.

akhanda premete, matala takhan.

sakala bhakata-gana

apana pasari, goracande gheri',

nace gaya anuksana

Then, becoming madly intoxicated in supreme ecstatic love, all the assembled devotees completely forgot themselves and incessantly began to dance and chant wildly, surrounding Lord Gauracandra.

The Death of Srivasa Pandita's son

emona samaye, daiva-vyadhi-joge

srivaser antahpure

tanaya-bijoge, nari-gana soke,

prakasalo uccoihsware

At this time, within the inner chamber of Srivasa's house, one of his sons suddenly died due to some disease, as ordained by the will of Providence. Due to separation from the boy, all the women of the household began to lament and cry out in a loud voice.

krandana uthile, habe rasa-bhanga,

bhakatibinoda dare

sribasa amani, bujhilo karana,

pasilo apan ghare

Now Bhaktivinoda fears that the transcendental mellows of the Lord's kirtana will be disturbed by the uprising of such loud crying sounds. However, Srivasa Pandita has now understood the cause of this sound, and has personally entered the house.

Song 2 --- Srivasa Gives Solace to His Family Members

prabesiya antahpure, nari-gane santa kore,

sribasa amiya upadese

suno pagalini-gana, soko koro akarana,

kiba duhka thake krsnabese

Entering into the inner chamber, Srivasa began to pacify all of the women there by giving them spiritual instructions that were as sweet as nectar. He said, "Look here, you crazy ladies, you all lament uselessly, for what kind of unhappiness can there possibly be in ecstatic love for Krsna?"

krsna nitya suta ja'r, soka kabhu nahi tar,

anitya asakti sarva-nasa

asiyacho e samsare, krsna bhajibara tare,

nitya-tattve koroho vilasa

"Whoever has Krsna for his eternal Son never has to lament for anything, although if one becomes attached to that which is temporary, then everything is lost. You have all come into this material world for the purpose of worshiping Krsna, so now you should all becomes situated again in the eternal absolute truth.

e dehe javat sthiti, koro krsna-candre rati,

krsna jano dhana, jana, prana

e-deho-anuga jata, bhai bandhu pati suta,

anitya sambandha boli' mano

"As long as you are existing in this body, you should all cultivate love and attachment for Lord Krsna, knowing Him to be your real wealth, real friend and your very life and soul. All of the followers of this body namely brothers, friends, husbands and sons should be accepted as being only temporary relationships.

keba ka'r pati suta, anitya-sambandha-krta,

cahile rakhite nare ta're

karama-bipaka-phale, suta ho'ye baise kole,

karma-ksaye ar raite nare

"Whoever wants to hold onto husbands or sons will not be able to keep them, for all these relationships are only temporary. Even if your son is sitting in your very lap, you still cannot protect him, for when his bad fruitive reactions fructify, then his present karma is finished, and he will not be able to remain here any longer."

ithe sukha duhkha mani', adhogati labhe prani,

krsna-pada hoite pade dure

soka sambariya ebe, namanande maja' sabe

bhakatibinoda-banca pure

"By accepting this type of temporary happiness and distress, many other living entities are now being degraded into lower species of life, falling far, far away from Krsna's lotus feet. Therefore you should all give up your temporary lamentation right now, and just become absorbed in the bliss of the Lord's holy names."
All of Bhaktivinoda's desires are now being fulfilled by hearing Srivasa speak such nice eternal truths.

Song 3 --- Statement about Dedication of the Soul Surrender to Krsna

dhana, jana, deha, geha krsne samarpana

koriacho, suddha-citte koroho smarana

"Offering all of your wealth, relatives, body and entire household unto Krsna in dedication, just remember Him always with a purified heart."

tabe keno 'mama suta' boli' koro duhkha

krsna nilo nija-jana tahe ta'r sukha

"So then why are you exclaiming, `my son, my son!' in grat sadness? Krsna has simply taken His own devotee,just to suit His own happiness.

krsna-iccha-mate sab ghataya ghatana

tahe sukha-duhkha-jnana abidya-kalpana

"Krsna is causing all things to take place just according to His own sweet will. In light of that, all your ideas of happiness and distress are simply ignorant mental concoctions.

jaha iccha kore krsna, tai jano bhalo

tyajiya apan iccha ghucao janjala

"Whatever Krsna's desire is, you must accept only that as actually good. Renouncing all of your separate personal desires, relieve yourselves of this unnecessary botheration."

deya krsna, neya krsna, pale krsna sabe

rakhe krsna, mare krsna, iccha kore jabe

"Krsna gives you everything, Krsna takes everything away, Krsna maintains everyone or kills everyone whenever He likes, according to His own sweet will.

krsna-iccha-biparita je kore basana

tar iccha nahi phale, se pay jatana

"If someone maintains some desire that is contrary to Krsna's desire, then her wish does not become fruitful. Indeed, she only gets trouble and anguish."

tyajiya sakala soka suno drsna-nama

parama ananda pabe, purna habe kama

"Therefore, rejecting all of your lamentation, just listen to the chanting of Krsna's holy name which is going on now out in the courtyard. From this you will get the topmost transcendental bliss, and all of your desires will be fulfilled."

bhakatibinoda mage sribasa-carane

atma-nibedana-sakti jibane marane

Thus Bhaktivinoda begs at Srivasa Pandita's lotus feet for the power to completely surrender his soul to Krsna in life or in death.

Song 4 --- Srivasa Forbids the Crying, Being Fearful of
Disrupting Mahaprabhu's Kirtana

sabu meli' balaka-bhaga bicari'

chodabi moha soka citta-bikari

Srivasa continued, " All of you together should consider the real fate of the boy, and you should immediately discontinue any bewilderment and grief that may be in your disturbed hearts."

caudda-bhubana-pati nanda-kumara

saci-nandana bhelo nadiya-abatara

"The Supreme Lord of all the fourteen worlds is the youthful Son of Nanda Maharaja, and now He has become the Son of Mother Saci by personally descending in Nadia."

sohi gokulacanda angane mor

nacai bhakta-saha ananda-bibhor

"This very same Gokula-canda is now dancing in my courtyard with His most confidential devotees, all completely overwhelmed with ecstatic bliss."

sunata nama-gana balaka mor

chodalo deha hari-priti-bibhor

"My boy has given up his body while hearing the singing of the Lord's holy names coming from the kirtana out in the courtyard. Therefore he certainly has died while overwhelmed with love for the Lord."

aichana bhaga jaba bhai hamara

tabahun hao bhava-sagara-para

"If I would be so fortunate as to get such an auspicious death as this, them I will certainly be able to easily cross over the ocean of material existence."

tunhu sabu bichari ehi bicara

kanhe korobi soka citta-bikara

"All of you together just consider this one judgement ... what will your lamentation and disturbed hearts do to help the situation?"

sthira nahi haobi jadi upadese

bancita haobi rase avasese

"If you all do not become pacified by these instructions, then you will only cheat yourselves out of tasting transcendentally ecstatic mellows in the long run.

pasibun hama suratatini-mahe

bhaktibinoda pramada dekhe tahe

"Not only will you cheat yourself, but you will induce me to leave this world by plunging myself into the waters of Ganga."
Thus Bhaktivinoda is witnessing all this calamity in progress.

Song 5 Manifestation of Symptoms of Separation by Bhaktavatsala
(Lord Caitanya) due to the Death of His Dear Devotee

sribasa-bacana, srabana koriya,

sadhwi pati-brata-gana

soka parihari', mrta sisu rakhi',

hari-rase dilo mana

Hearing these words of Srivasa Pandita, all those chaste and faithful ladies gave up their lamentation for the dead son, because Srivasa had satisfied their minds by informing them of the transcendental mellows of Lord Hari.

sribasa takhan, anande matiya,

angane ailo punah

nace gora-sane, sakala pasari,

gaya nanda-suta-guna

Then Srivasa again came out into the courtyard and, overwhelmed with joy, resumed dancing with Lord Caitanya and loudly sang the glories of the Son of Nanda Maharaja, completely forgetting about what had just happened.

cari danda ratre, marilo kumara

angane keho na jane

sri-nama-mangale, trtiya prahara,

rajani atita gane

The boy had expired only 1-1/2 hours after dark, but out in the courtyard no one had known anything due to the loud kirtana. Then for 9 hours there was continuous chanting of the auspicious holy names. Thus the entire night had elapsed in this ecstatic singing.

kirtana bhangile, kohe gaurahari,

aji keno pai duhkha

bujhi, ei grhe, kichu amangala

ghatiya harilo sukha

Then the kirtana stopped, and Lord Gaurahari said, "Why am I feeling some unhappiness today? i can understand that something inauspicious has happened in this house which has robbed Me of My bliss."

tabe bhakta-jana, nibedana kore,

sribasa-sisur katha

suni' gora raya, bole, hay hay!

marame painu byatha

Then the devotees related to the Lord the story of the death of Srivasa'son. Hearing this news, the Lord loudly exclaimed, "Oh no! What has happened? Now the core of My heart has become pierced with so much unbearable pain!"

keno na kohile, amare takhan,

bipada-sambada sabe

bhakatibinoda bhakata-batsala-

snehete majilo tabe

"Why didn't you inform Me of this calamity when it had just happened?" Now, Bhaktivinoda has completely lost himself in the affection that he Lords shows to His own devotees.

Song 6) The Affectionate Inclination of Sri Gaurahari
Towards His Own Devotees.

prabhur bacana, takha suniya,

sribasa lotana bhumi

bole, suno natha! taba rasa-bhanga,

sahite na pari ami

Then, hearing these words of the Lord, Srivasa Pandita began rolling on the ground, crying out, "Please hear me, oh Lord! I am simply not able to tolerate any disturbance or interruption of the ecstatic mellows of Your kirtana!"

ekati tanaya, mariache, natha,

tahe mor kiba duhkha

jadi sab mare, tomare heriya,

tabu to' paibo sukha

"Only one of my sons has died, oh Lord, and has that really made me upset? Even if all of my sons die, then I will certainly get more than enough happiness by seeing You."

taba nrtya-bhanga hoile amar,

marana hoite hari

tai ku-sambada, na dilo tomare,

bipada asanka kori

"I would certainly die on the spot if I were to interrupt Your dancing, oh Lord. That is why I did not inform You of this bad news. for I was dreading the calamity of disturbing Your ecstasy."

ebe ajna deho, mrta suta lo'ye,

satkara karuna sabe

eteka suniya, gora dwija-mani,

kandite lagilo tabe

"Lord, if You will kindly grant us Your permission now, then we shall all take the boy's body and perform the proper funeral rites." Hearing this much from the mouth of Srivasa Pandita, the jewel of the twice-born, Lord Gaurasundara, then broke down and began to weep piteously on the spot.

kemone e sab, chadiya jaibo,

parana bikala hoy

se katha suniya, bhakatibinoda,

manete pailo bhoy

Crying and crying, the Lord thought within Himself, "How could I possibly abandon such loving servitors and go elsewhere by taking sannyasa? If I were to do so, my heart would certainly split." Hearing this type of talk, Bhaktivinoda's mind become somewhat fearful.

Song 7) The Manifestation of Various Absolute Truths from the
Mouth of the Dead Boy

goracander ajna peye grha-basi-gana

mrta suta anganete ane tataksana

Then the Lord ordered the household members to bring the boy's body out into the courtyard, and they immediately complied.

kalimalahari gora jijnase takhan

"sribase chadiya, sisu jao ki karana?"

Then the merciful Lord Gaura, Who removes the gloomy, dirty influence of the age of Kali, began to question the body by saying, "Please tell Me, my dear boy, what ever prompted you to leave here so suddenly, thus giving up your loving father Srivasa Pandita?"

mrta-sisu-mukhe jiba kore nibedana

"loka-siksa lagi'" prabhu tab acarana

Being thus questioned by the Lord, the soul again manifested in the dead body by the mercy of the Lord, and he began to offer very nice prayers which were meant to be instructive to all persons.

tumi to' parama tattwa ananta adwaya

para sakti tomar abhinna tattwa hoy

The dead boy said, " My dear Lord, You are without a doubt the Supreme Absolute Truth, unlimited and one without a second. Since You are the Supremely energetic, all of Your transcendental energies are certainly non-different from You."

sei para sakti tridha hoiya prakasa

taba icchamata koraya tomar bilasa

"This transcendental potency of Your manifests itself in three different ways, and it assists in the performance of Your eternal pastimes in different ways according to Your own sweet will."

cicchakti-svarupe nitya-lila prakasiya

tomare ananda dena hladini hoiya

"The original form of the cognizant potency (cit-sakti) is manifesting Your eternal pastimes in the spiritual world, and just to give You pleasure it becomes the pleasure-giving potency known as hladini."

jiba-sakti hana taba cit-kiranacaye

tatastha-swabhave jiba-gane prakataye

"Secondly,becoming the jiva-sakti, the potency produces the multitudes of fine, conscious particles which make up the glowing effulgence of Your transcendental body. All of these souls are thus manifest with a natural marginal characteristic of minute independence."

maya-sakti ho'ye kore prapanca srjana

bahirmukha jibe tahe koroya bandhana

"Thirdly, becoming the maya-sakti, the potency crates the innumerable material universes, and within them she captures and binds all the souls who choose to remain averse to You, dear Lord."

bhakatibinoda bole aparadha-phale

bahirmukha ho'ye achi prapanca-kabale

Hearing these prayers offered to Lord Caitanya by the dead boy, Bhaktivinoda says at this point that he himself has also become averse to the Lord due to his offences, and has become swallowed up by maya in the material world.

Song 8) The Bound Soul Takes Different Types of Births
According to its Different Fruitive Reactions

purna-cidananda tumi, tomar cit-kana ami,

swabhavatah ami tuwa dasa

parama swatantra tumi, tuya paratantra ami,

tuwa pada chari' sarva-nasa

The dead son continued: "You, dear Lord, are completely full in transcendental bliss. I am simply a tiny conscious particle of You; therefore by nature I am Your eternal servant. Only You are supremely independent, whereas I am totally dependent on You. Indeed, neglecting Your lotus feet, I have now become completely ruined."

swatantra ho'ye jakhan, maya prati koinu mana,

swa-swabava chadilo amaya

prapance mayar bandhe, padinu karmer dhandhe,

karna-cakre amare phelaya

"As soon as I chose to be independent of Your Lordship, I became inclined toward maya's illusory benefits. Thus I have given up my natural spiritual characteristics. Falling down due to the dazzling bewilderment of fruitive gain, I have become captured by maya within this mundane world. Now as a result I am being forcibly thrown into the revolving wheel of binding fruitive actions and reactions."

maya taba iccha mate, bandhe more e jagate,

adrsta nirbandha lauha-kare

sei to' rirbandha more, ane sribaser ghare,

putra-rupe malini-jathare

"Thus I am bound up by Maya in this world according to Your will, being firmly clenched in the iron-like grip of my predestined fate. And according to this fate, I have now come into Srivasa's home by taking birth as the son of Malini."

se nirbandha punaraya, more ebe lo'ye jaya,

ami to' thakite nari ar

taba iccha su-prabala, mor iccha su-durbala

ami jiba akincana char

"Now, again according to my predestined fate, I must leave this place; I cannot remain here any longer, even if I wanted to. Your desire is most powerful, dear Lord, whereas my desire is most feeble, for I am simply an insignificant, humble soul."

jathaya pathao tumi, abasya jaibo ami,

ka'r keba putra pati pita

jader sambandha sab, taha nahi satya-laba,

tumi jiber nitya palayita

"Wherever You send me next, oh Lord, I must certainly go to become someone's son or husband or father. However, I know that all these material relationships do not possess even one speck of eternal truth, for only You, dear Lord, are the eternal friend and guardian of all souls."

samjoga-bijoge jini, sukha-duhkha mane gani,

taba pade chadena asraya

mayar gardabha ho'ye, majena samsara lo'ye,

bhaktibinoder sei bhoy

"Only one who foolishly neglects the eternal shelter of You two lotus feet considers the union and separation of all these temporary family relationships to be separation of all distress. This just shows how much one has actually become absorbed in the bodily concept of life, being crammed and stuffed into the womb of illusion."
Hearing all these truths about the fate of the bound soul has now made Bhaktivinoda become extremely frightened.

Song 9) Birth in the House of a Devotee by Dint of
One's Great Fortune

bandhilo maya, jedina ho'te,


aneka janma, labhinu ami,

phirinu maya-ghore

The dead boy continued, "Thus I have been captured and bound by maya. Due to being tied tightly by her ropes of ignorance and bewilderment, I have undergone many, many births since that time, simply wandering here and there in the ghastly darkness of maya's illusions."

deba danaba, manaba pasu,

patanga kita ho'ye

svarge narake, bhutale phiri,

anitya asa lo'ye

"Sometime I become a demigod, sometimes a demon, and sometimes I get the body of a man, an animal, a bird or an insect. Sometimes i wander up to heaven, sometimes down to hell, and sometimes on earth, being carried away the whole time by innumerable materialistic hopes and aspirations."

na jani kiba, sukrti bale,

sribasa-suta hoinu

nadiya-dhame, carana taba

darasa-parasa koinu

" I have no idea of what kind of wonderful pious credit I have earned to be born here in this life as the son of Sri Srivasa Pandita within the holy abode of Navadvipa. Thus I myself am amazed that I have had the great fortune of actually being able to see and touch Your lotus feet, oh Lord."

sakala bare, marana-kale,

aneka duhkha pai

tuwa prasange, parama sukhe,

ebara ca'le jai

"Usually, whenever I have to die, I always experience great pain and distress upon leaving the particular body I happen to be in. But this time, I am only experiencing great happiness by discussing all these topics related to Your glories. However, my time is now up, so I must take Your leave."

icchaya tor, janama jadi,

abara hoiu, hari!

carane taba, prema-bhakati,

thake, minati kori

"If it is Your desire that I should take another birth, oh Lord, I pray and humbly request Your Lordship to kindly allow me to be always situated in the transcendental loving service of Your divine lotus feet."

jakhan sisu, niraba bhelo,

dekhiya prabhur lila

sribasa-gosthi, tyajiya soka,

ananda-magana bhela

Saying this, the boy then fell silent. Seeing this wonderful pastime of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Srivasa Pandita's whole family gave up all of their lamentation and became absorbed in grat transcendental happiness.

gaura-carita, amrta-dhara,

korite korite pana

bhaktibinoda, sribase mage,

jaya jena mor prana

Thus the transcendental character and activities of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu are just like a continuous shower of ambrosia. Bhaktivinoda is thereby losing his vital life force simply begging Srivasa Thakura to allow him to drink more of this nectarean ambrosia.

Song 10) The Lord Praises the Glories of His Devotees

sribase kohena prabhu, tunhu mor dasa

tuwa-prite bandha ami jagate prakasa

Then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu began to speak to Srivasa with very affectionate and sweet words. He said, "My dear Srivasa, you are actually My very old servant. Indeed, i am staying in this world only due to your unalloyed love for me."

bhakta-gana-senapati sribasa pandita

jagate ghusuka aji tomar carita

"You, Srivasa Pandita, are factually the commander-in-chief of all of My devotees. Today your glorious character will be acclaimed throughout the three worlds."

prapanca-kara-raksini mayar bandhana

tomar nahiko kabhu, dekhuk jagajjana

"You are never subject to the imprisoning bondage of Mayadevi, the proprietress of this prison-like material world. Indeed, this fact is attested to by all the people of the world."

dhana, jana, deha, geha, amare arpiya

amar sebaya sukhe acho sukhi hana

"You have dedicated unto Me all of your wealth, followers, body and household paraphernalia, and thus you have become most joyful by being so nicely situated in My eternal service."

mama lila-pusti lagi' tomar samsara

sikhuka grhastha jana tomar acara

" The whole of your existence in this world is only for the purpose of nourishing My eternal pastimes. Thus your ideal behavior as a transcendental family man is exemplary for instructing all the materialistic householders."

taba preme baddha achi ami, nityananda

ama dunhe suta jani' bhunjaha ananda

"Sri Nityananda Prabhu and I are so much obliged to you due to your pure love for Us. Indeed, We know that you enjoy great happiness by considering Us to be your very own sons."

nitya-tattwa suta jara anitya tanaya

asakti na kore sei srjane pralaye

"We are truly your eternal sons, for We see that you are not at all attached to your temporary sons, who are allsubject to the material conditions of creation and destruction."

bhaktite tomar rni ami cirodina

taba sadhu-bhave tumi ksama mor rna

"Because of your pure devotion i am eternally indebted to you. And because of your saintly character you are also quite deserving of My indebtedness."

sribaser paya bhaktibinoda kujana

kakuti koriya mage gauranga-carana

Hearing these loving words of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, this rascal Bhaktivinoda now begs at the feet of Srivasa Thakura in humble supplication to receive the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.

Song 11) Remembrance of the Lord is Actual Wealth, and
Forgetfulness of Hid is Actual Calamity

sribaser prati, caitanya-prasada,

dikhiya sakala jana

jaya sri caitanya, jaya nityananda,

boli' nace ghana ghana

Seeing Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu show such favorable grace to Srivasa Pandita, all the devotees present there began to dance ecstatically, and they repeatedly shouted, "Jaya Sri Caitanya! Jaya Nityananda!" with resounding voices.

sribasa-mandire, ki bhava uthilo,

taha ki barna hoy

bhava-yuddha sane, ananda-krandana,

uthe krsna-preme-maya

It is simply not possible to describe the ecstatic mood that arose in Srivasa's house at that time, indeed, it was just like a great war of transcendental emotions was taking place within the battlefield of tears of joy, all arising due to ecstatic love for Krsna.

cari bhai padi', prabhur carane,

prema gadgada svare

kandiya kandiya kakuti koriya,

gadi' jaya prema-bhare

Then the four brothers of the dead boy came over and fell down at Lord Caitanya's lotus feet and began weeping and wailing with piteous voices choked with ecstatic love. Then they began rolling on the ground, overflowing with pure love while humbly petitioning the Lord as follows.

ohe praneswara, e heno bipada,

prati-dina jeno hoy

jahate tomar, carana-jugale,

asakti badite roy

They said, "Oh Lord of our lives! If calamities like this would happen every day, then that would only increase our deep loving attachment to Your lotus feet!"

bipada-sampade, sei dina bhalo,

je dina tomare smari

tomar-smarana- rohita je dina,

se dina bipada, hari

"This calamity of losing our brother today is actually our great fortune, for on this day we are remembering Your Lordship. If, on some other day, we are bereft of Your remembrance, then that day is actually the real calamity for us, oh Lord."

sribasa-gosthir, carane padiya

bhakatibinoda bhane,

tomader gora, krpa bitariya,

dekhao durgata jane

Falling down at the feet of Srivasa Pandita's entire family, Bhaktivinoda thus narrates how their Lord Gaurasundara is bestowing His causeless mercy upon all distressed souls.

Song 12) Sri Gaurahari Performs the Funeral Ceremony
Along with His Associates

mrta sisu lo'ye tabe bhakatabatsala

bhakata-sangete gaya sri-nama-mangale

gaite gaite gela jahnavir tire

balake satkara koilo jahnavir nire

Lord Caitanya, Who is so affectionate to His own devotees, then took the dead boy and, along with all the devotees, began to chant the most auspicious sound vibration of the holy names. Thus singing and singing, they all arrived on the bank of the Ganga (the Jahnavi). Then they performed the proper funeral rites with some water from the Ganga.

jahnavi bolena, mama saubhagya apara

saphala hoilo brata chilo je amara

The personified Gangamayi, Sri Jahnavi-devi, then appeared herself and said, "Such unlimited auspicious fortune has become mine today! Now I have achieved the successful fruits of all the vows and penances I had undertaken!"

mrta sisu dena gora jahnavir jale

uthali' jahnavi devi sisu loy kole

Then Lord Caitanya personally put the boy's body into the river. Immediately thereafter, Jahnavi Devi picked up the body and took him on her lap.

uthaliya sparse gora-carana-kamala

sisu-kole preme devi hoy talamala

Bringing the dead boy out of the water, she touched the lotus feet of Lord Gaura. With the body still on her lap, she began to tremble in ecstatic love for the Lord.

jahnavir bhava dekhi' jata bhakta-gana

sri-nama-mangala-dhwani kore anuksana

Seeing such an ecstatic mood being exhibited by Sri Jahnavi Devi, all the assembled devotees there immediately began chanting the auspicious holy names incessantly.

swarga hoite deve kore puspa barisana

bimana sankula tabe chailo gagana

From the heavens, the demigods began to shower flowers like rainfall. They crowded in the sky, almost blocking out the sunlight with their innumerable airplanes.

ei rupe nana bhave hoiya magana

satkara koriya snana koilo sarva-jana

In this way, everyone on all sides was absorbed in various ecstasies. After performing the funeral rites, they all took their bath in the Ganga.

parama anande sabe gelo nija ghare

bhakatibinoda maje gora-bhavabhare

In great happiness, everyone then returned to their respective homes, and Bhaktivinoda is now completely immersed in the transcendental ecstasies of Lord Gaurasundara.

Song 13) Prayer Unto all the Hearers of This Story

nadiya nagare gora-carita amrta

piya soka bhoy chado, sthira koro cita

The activities and behavior of Lord Gaurasundara within the villages around Nadia District are just like sweet ambrosial nectar. By drinkink this nectar, just give up all of your material lamentations and fears, and make your heart become thus fixed up.

anitya samsara bhai krsna matra sara

gora-siksa mate krsna bhaja anibara

Within this temporary material world, my friends, the only substantial essence of Absolute truth is Lord Krsna. Therefore,kindly take heed of Lord Caitanya's advice, and just worship Krsna constantly.

gorar carana dhori' jei bhagyavan

braje radha-krsna bhaje sei mor prana

Whoever understands this and thereby firmly grabs hold of Lord Caitanya's lotus feet is most fortunate. And if he worships Sri Sri Radha-Krsna in Vrndavana, then I will accept him as my very life soul.

radha-krsna goracanda na' de brndabana

ei matra koro sara pabe nitya dhana

Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Krsna are none other than the selfsame Lord Gauracandra, and Sri Navadvipa-dhama is that very same Vrndavana-dhama. If you consider this as the only essential point, then you will rightfully receive some eternal treasures.

bidya-buddhi hina dina akincana chara

karma-jnana-sunya ami sunya-sadacara

Actually I am completely devoided of any real knowledge or good intelligence. Indeed, I am most lowly, insignificant and contemptible. I am also certainly without the slightest trace of good karma or philosophical understanding, and I am completely bereft of any proper virtuous behavior.

sri-guru-baisnaba more dilena upadhi

bhakti-hine upadhi hoilo ebe byadhi

All the assembled Vaisnavas, who I consider to be just like my spiritual master, have given me this title of Bhaktivinoda, but because I am actually totally devoid of any trace of devotion, this title has simply become like a painful disease for me.

jatana koriya sei byadhi nibarane

sarana loinu ami baisnaba carane

Taking great care to chekck the spreading of this disease, I have taken refuge at the lotus feet of all the Vaisnavas.

baisnaber pada-raja mastake dhoriya

e soka-satana gaya bhaktibinodiya

Taking the dust of the lotus feet of all the Vaisnavas upon my head, this lowly Bhaktivinoda thus sings this story called soka-satana, (The Dispelling of Grief).


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