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real devotees only distribute Srila Prabhupadas pre 1978 books

today was another amazing day on bookdistribution , I sold many Bhagavad Gitas  (KBI)and small books, also some of my Gurudeva ,Srila Narayana Maharajas books. It was raining I did not let the rain stop me and it paid of ..there is no happiness in the 3 worlds that compare to distributing Srila Prabhupadas books it makes one feel disgusted even with life in Brahma loka...
  • Paramananda Das
    You may try to keep in possession whatever you have got, but at the time of death you have to give it up. By force it will be taken away.
    Paramananda Das Srila Prabhupadas states in this lecture: So if you become perfect in Krsna consciousness... Perfect in Krsna consciousness means no more material desire. That's all. Only Krsna. That is perfection. So long you will have a pinch of material desire, you will have to take birth. According to your desire, Krsna will give you facility. Why there are so many types of body, eight million? Yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajaty ante kalevaram, sada tad-bhava-bhavitah [Bg. 8.6].
    Paramananda Das "So long you will have a pinch of material desire, you will have to take birth...."
  • Paramananda Das the BBt is complaining: Letter to: All ISKCON Centers Vrindaban 14 March, 1974 74-03-14 Memorandum to All ISKCON Centers My dear disciples, Please accept my blessings. Now that our ISKCON is growing into a huge, world wide organization, it has come to my attention that sometimes centers are printing my literature, taking collection and spending all outside the jurisdiction of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. This must not go on. I specifically formed the BBT to invest in it exclusive rights for the printing of all literature containing my teachings, writings and lectures. In this way the collections are to be divided fifty percent for printing new books and fifty percent for construction of temples. The BBT can authorize a center to print, as in the case of foreign translations, with the agreement that when the foreign printing becomes financially solvent they will pay royalties to the BBT. But all printing of ISKCON literature must be by the BBT or under their sanction and approval. If temples print independently it will be at the cost of the books I am myself printing, and could eventually cause the financial ruin of the BBT, meaning I could not order new books from the printer or have sufficient funds for construction of temple projects. I trust this is now clear and you will all do the needful. If you have any questions in this matter you can write me directly or consult with the GBC representative. Your ever well-wisher, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami ACBS/sdg
  • Paramananda Das the fact is the GBC is giving themselves salaries and lives as parasites of ISKCON and steal money from ISKCON and never distribute Srila Prabhupadas books , not a single book they will distirbute. STOP BITCHING AND COMPLAINING AND DISTRIUBUTE PRABHUPADAS  original BOOKS:
  • Paramananda Das The GBC is making women TP's ,GBC:S Gurus and have even made them sannyasis in the past.
  • Paramananda Das They allow pedophiles like Bhavananda and Satadanya to livew in ISKCON temples ( Mayapure) They all salaries for leaders and persons to run business for their own profit , most BBT trustees are materilasitic rascals that never distirbute a single books but live as parasites of ISKCON and have never rendered any real service to ISKCON
    Paramananda Das Srila PRabhupada stated in 1977 to not change his books but the BBT has demoniacly done so and the KBI sued ISKCON and wom the right to distribute Srila Prabhupadas orignal books.When you sell BBT books you put money in the pockets of lazy persons like Svavasa ,Brahma Muhurta ,Bhima and other rascals that never distribute a single of Srila Prabhupadas original books, are they demons? Yes in my views they are ..
  • Paramananda Das the BBT is a mafia of criminals nothing else ...I collected 100.000 of dollars for the BBT for years and I can testifie they are all rascals numbers one
    Paramananda Das every day the GBC and sannyasis change Srila Prabhupadas philosophy to suit their demoniac desires, lately they have initiated anal chasers ,persons that live in homosexual relationships and are married to another homosexual
Srila Prabhupada have not authorized changes to the books and pictures done by the BBT nor their fat salaries to themselves,In 1977 he stated DO NOT CHANGE MY BOOKS AND THESE DEMONS DID IT ANYWAY
Yamaraja is warming up hell for the GBC and BBTstaff for stealing from Srila Prabhupadas BBT money
BBT is Bhogus Booktrust

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