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please no more Gay Gurus in ISKCON!!!!

dear devotees
 Recently another "anal chaser sannyasi" was 
exposed for approaching his male disciple for sex, this has been going on for to long in ISKCON.We can not allow any gays orchildmolesters to be sannyasis
and Gurus, and those in this asrama that are homosexuals should step down and avoid embarrassing ISKCON and Srila Prabhupadajust because they are
so eager for false prestige, adoration ,name fame and profit.ISKCON is not a free meal ticket for gay "sannyasis" ,gay and sannyasadoes not go together 
is an oxymorone.Once again please no more "anal chasers"  in the sannyasa asrama.All   devotees in ISKCON are tired of these rascals, and the GBC 
should mention this to all devotees when such persons gets exposed.Stop hiding it and cover up for such persons....this is my humble request to the GBC..Gays do not belong in a least not as  Gurus and sannyasis.
your servant
Payonidhi das

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