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"yosito navamanyetana casam visvased budhaù
na caiversur bhavet tasu nadhikuryat kadacana
"A wise man should never insult women, nor should he trust them. He should never become jealous of women, nor should he ever appoint them."
Visnu Purana
Paramananda Das "Just take this "women's liberation"—it is simply a trick by the men. Now the men can have free prostitutes, that's all. And once a man makes a woman pregnant, he can go away and let her choose between begging support from the government or killing her child . . . abortion. You may not like to hear it, but "women's liberation" means that the men have tricked you."

(Srila Prabhupada Interview, Philadelphia, July 1975)
Paramananda Das
Paramananda Das it is a trick by certain male disciples of Srila Prabhupada to promote women as sannyasis ,Gurus and TPs and GBCs , but it is not allowed by sastra, Kirtananda made the first woman sannyasi and Harikesa made the first woman in ISKCON a TP later followed by other women ,he made one lady a TP in ISKCON Denmark that then later fell down with a brahmacari though she was married
Paramananda Das
Paramananda Das Srila Prabhupada also opposed the idea women should be elected presidents of a country
Paramananda Das
Paramananda Das of course Kirtananda made women collectors, he also broke up marriages of Sulocana Prabhu and remarried his wife to another male devotee later he had Sulocana Prabhu killed and Sulocanas son mysteriously was killed in New Vrindavana .Kirtananda also made some women sannyasis and gave them English names like Purity Maharaja .The whole thing was irreligious, but Radhanatha Swami, Varasana Swami , Umapati Swami , Nityodita (then Swami ) Chandrasekhara Swami , and other blind followers of Kirtananda never said a word.
When Kirtananda died however still many ISKCOn leaders came and paid obaisences to Kirtananda despite him having done so many crimes, that includes Pancagauda TP of ISKCOn Vrindavana ,Gopal Krsna Maharaja and Radhanath Swami ,How could they pay obaisences to Kirtananda a convicted criminal and he was also a homosexual and pedophile.The worst part is that Kirtanandas men in few cases had some matajis sell their body for illlicit sex acting like prostitutes , 

Is it suprising that others are pushing for women to be Gurus also , no because it is another business scheme nothing else,there is no qualified women in ISKCON to be diksa Gurus
Paramananda Das
Paramananda Das ,it is another plan to make money nothing else

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