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Paramananda Das Ramesh Baba lives in Varsana and has always been kind and affectionate to me, I do not see him as a Guru of any kind , but I respect him as I try to respect everyone that lives in Vraja.
  • Paramananda Das Once while visiting Varsana I met him and I said to Ramesh Baba you are a resident of this sacred place to you please pray for me to Srimati Radharani ..he said Srimati Radharani has given you more mercy than me, and She has called you from far away western country to come to Varsana to get Sri Radhas mercy ...
  • Paramananda Das I went with Deenabandhu and another Prabhupada disciple once to see him also so why now is Deenabandhu being so envious towards him.. leave him alone .Trinad api sunicena ...Rocana and his wife can sit far away from Varsana and have never been there and find faults , this website Sampradaya sun is sometimes off big time and recently picking on Saccinandana Swami .
  • Paramananda Das Saccinandana Swami can be a pain in the ass with his arrogant and neophyte and sometimes even envious behavior, not do I like his entourage of sentimental female followers, but he is not the only ISKCON Guru with his " imitation gopis "
  • Paramananda Das Gaura das and other faultfinders never go to Varsana even mentally what to speak of visiting shame on their Vrajabasi aparadhas
  • Ramesh Baba has the biggest go raksya program in all of Vraja , so others can be a fool to disrespect him I am not a fool like Deenabhandhu, Gaura and Rocana and wife
  • Radhanath Swami knows him from before he joined ISKCON ,Ramesh Baba is part of Vraja so be kind chant Hare Krsna and get over your own envy
is my advise to these fellows
I dislike all the hatred towards Radhanath Swami too , from all sides, get over his past with Kirtananda and move on see the  many good things he is doing  
yes he has a Guru ,it is Radharani because Srila Prabhupada has stated the Vrijabasis get directed  by Krsna in their heart ,and I am sure if they do not Krsna will punish them, anyhow Lord Caitanya stated to be carefull in dealing with Vrijabasis ,Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati Thakura writes even if a Vrijabasi beats you up take it as a mercy ,then what to speak of Ramesh Baba that is kind to all?

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