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Dear Devotees
Please accept my humble obaisences
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
 So many persons that was much less qualified than I am ,was authorized to be Gurus.I have made several devotees over many years and they suffer
due to lack of having a bonafide Guru, I handed them  over to Gurus that have later fallen down.I have a few siksa disciples and they will not
take initiation from anyone else.I never thought I would ever consider this.But I am suggesting ISKCON allow me to take disciples.I am already
these persons siksa Guru..they have faith in me and I can not abandon them.So ISKCON can make a choice if these person should never  accept a
diksa Guru.Siksa is more important than diksa, but it also has its place.I have suggested they take initiation from someone like Mahanidhi Swami
or anyone they feel inspired by,I have also suggested Radhanath Maharaja and Gopal Krsna Maharaja,Giriraja Maharaja but they will not take diksa 
from anyone
of  them. I have glorified Niranjana Swami also Indradyumna Maharaja and any ISKCON Guru I can think of and telling them about their good qualities
What am I supposed to do? I will not stop instructing them according to Srila Prabhupadas and sastras teachings, when they ask me, because of
that they have no diksa Guru  they see Srila Prabhupadas as their Guru (as I have instructed them too)  ,but they ask me what to do about Diksa.
What should I tell them, I humbly ask the GBC to give me some 3 cases there is devotees that never took initiation.Those who took 
have asked me about reinitiation and I have told them they already have Gayatri, and asked them to listen to Srila Prabhupadas chanting of the Gayatri
mantra.I have suggested they can take diksa from someone else and also still take some siksa from me if they are inspired too.
One person Bhakta Tony for example who is from Ghana and has read all of Srila Prabhupadas books since 1995(when I convinced him to buy all Srila 
Prabhupadas boks), his only link with ISKCON is through me.So far he has come to my house since many years for prasadam and lectures,.
I have served in ISKCON over many years and distributed over 300.000 of Srila Prabhupadas
 books.I strictly worship Salagram Silas and Govardhana sila since 1986 and chant 64 rounds daily and read Prabhupadas books 2 hours daily .
And I strictly follow 4 regs .I am also wellversed in many sastras of our acaryas and have trained many devotees in distributing Srila Prabhupadas books.
 I am going to Europe soon to meet several devotees that hardly chant anymore and are very spiritually weak, some of whom I made devotees back
 in the 80th and some that are just old time friends and also not doing so good in KC and some that needs inspiration.And I will visit some temples also.
 One indian devotee couple related with the ritvik temple in Bangalore wants to take me as their Guru also.I wonder what kind of preaching I could do 
there if they where allowed to be my disciples.No other devotees except Prabhupada disciples gives initiation in ISKCON so far, and for an older devotee
like my self that has served in ISKCON since 1979 , is often unfairly lumped in with some Gurus disciples that have been in ISKCON for a few years, and not
spend 20 years as a brahmacari distributing Prabhupadas books all over the world like I have.
I know the vaisnava standards, some allow their disciples to take grains on Janmastami and such days that is a gross violation of sastra 
and Krsnas instructions .I will never allow anyone I teach KC to make such mistakes.
I think ISKCON needs spiritually strong spiritual masters like myself ,fully loyal to Srila Prabhupadas teachings....Being a Guru is not dependent 
on varna and asrama or me not being a direct 
disciple of Srila Prabhupada.
your servant
Payonidhi das 

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Comment by Paramananda das on January 10, 2011 at 8:48am
I send this to members of the GBC


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