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No gopichandan and Party pooper awards!
I know what a strange title , let me explain .
First of all Srila Prabhupada insisted devotees wear Gopichandan
In 1990 I met Devamrta Swami in Toronto ,I was distributing Srila Prabhupadas books every day at Young street.That day I met him at Young street and Bloor (famous intersection in Toronto)..Ironically he had made all kind of demoniac politics against me for years though I was the first bookdistributor in ISKCON Denmark .He invited me to visit New Vrindavana .
Why in the world would I go to New Vrindavana at that time ? But though Kirtananda and his band of fanatic followers had been kicked out of ISKCON ,Devamrta Swami was one of the loyal and fanatic followers of Kirtananda .
I decided well I might as well go and see what the madness is all about .I was going back to ISKCON Boston and there fly to India later in early of 1991 .to attend VIHE classes in Vrindavana .So when I came to New Vrindavana ,Devamrta Swami was in Christian monk rope and no tilaka.Because many will think I am lying , I will post a picture .
So I aked Devamrta Swami who was at the time getting a foot massage from "Purity Swamini" a female sannyasi.See Kirtananda went total nuts after he got hit by an iron pipe and started to tell devotees to not wear devotiona clothing .Srila Prabhupada already in the 1960th had written letter to stop Kirtanandas deviations :
October 13 from Calcutta [note: ‘flag’ here means sikha]:
My Dear Damodara, Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of Oct. 9. I am very sorry to hear that Kirtanananda is advising you to give up the robes and the flags on the head. Please stop this nescience as I never instructed Kirtanananda to act like that. I am not at all satisfied with this action of Kirtanananda. Kirtanananda has no right to instruct you in that way, without consulting me. People are being attracted to the chanting of Hare Krishna & not to Kirtanananda’s devices. Kirtanananda suggested to me when he was here that the Americans do not like the robes & flag. I told him personally if you think that Americans in great numbers will follow you, simply for not having robes & flag, I therefore advised him to drop for a few days in London & test this theory. But he has gone directly to N. Y. & is now causing these disturbances without consulting me. I have not sanctioned these methods. In my opinion, Clean shaved Brahmacharies & Grhasthas in saffron robes look like angels from Baikunta. Translation of prayers into English is good & if somebody dresses like nice American gentleman without any robes, I have no objection; but every one of my disciples must have the flag & marks of tilak on forehead. This is essential. Besides that, nobody should do anything without my sanction. I am very sorry to hear Kirtanananda, without doing anything practical, changes his ideas constantly. He was first man in our society to take the robes, shave cleanly, & take flag & now he is changing his position. You have asked me to tell you whether you are right or carry on by the following the foolish advice of Kirtanananda, & I say straight that Kirtanananda is wrong and you are right when you say that the movement will come to nothing if I am not satisfied with your actions.”
So I made some comment to Devamrta Swami ,Srila Prabhupada would never approve of female sannyasa,secondly why was he not following Srila Prabhupada and wear devotional dress and tilaka.His answer : I AM NOT SO FORTUNATE.
I had so many disagreements with Devamrta Swami over the years this was just another one, but I was a guest in New Vrindavana , and what more could I say ?
They chanted the songs in English ,for example Narasimha artik ,was made into an English song : All glories to Narasimhadev , He killed Hiranyakasipu etc
Now from this letter from Srila Prabhupada it was very clear .I have written a chapter in my book Vaisnava Amrta also about the importance of wearing Gopi chandan .It has ample sastric references...I am including the copy of Vaisnava Amrta in this email .There was many other deviations. After I returned to ISKCON Boston I called Devamrta Swami in New Vrindavana .Though he was never my wellwisher I was his. so I told him listen Devamrta Maharaja, Kirtananda had Sulocana Prabhu killed and Kirtananda is a pedophile.I already knew everything about the demoniac behavior and murders of New Vrindavana gradually we all came to find out more.Devamrta Swami suggested I talk to Kirtananda about my allegations. I said well your want him to send a hitman and kill me too ?
1996 after Kirtanandas arrest , Devamrta Swami is again "loyal " ISKCON man and looking for position in ISKCON.He came up to me in Mayapure and asked me to buy him a tiffin .That time I was pretty broke as I had been in India for a while.But I thought what nerve this rascal has ,walshing around in Mayapure like a proud peacock .Well at least he has shaved his head and returned to normal ISKCON standards and no longer a blind follower of Kirtananda who was in jail.So Krsna burst his bubble of illusions.May be an image of 1 person, beard and text
Now the Party pooper award is used by some temples in USA still for fund raising I think it should be banned in ISKCON ,if the GBC is interested I can give the information's

what temples are using on socalled Sankirtana

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