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My Gurudeva did not given initiation to devotees that had taken diksa in ISKCON

Some have accused my Gurudeva of given diksa to devotees already initiated in ISKCON on this Video around 13 minutes 16 seconds he is asked about a devotee that was reinitiated by him that was previously a disciple of Goal Krsna Maharaja ,
immediately he responds he should not be.

However in ISKCON some have reinitiated disciples of Srila Narayana Maharaja because they want to be part of iSKCON ,this is most unvaisnava like to initiated anyone that has been given diksa and the diksa Guru is in good standing still. 

So in this case he was not informed , that is why he gave such a diksa. But giving re initiation to a disciple having gotten proper diksa is a great offence.
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