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Gaudiya math Sannyasis beheaded by ISIS in Bangladesh

Anadi Krsna Prabhu in India informed me of a sannyasi from Gaudiya math being beheaded by ISIS in Bangladesh .I have often stated that the Muslim religion is barbarian and is described in Bhavisya Purana as pisaca religion ,religion of hobgoblins, and ghosts. I have prayed for a long time the so called civilized nations will rise and smash these demons. Our ISKCON Mayapure temple was also attacked many years ago by Muslim dacoits they are the natural enemies of Sanatana dharma as they have no religion. I was India in Calcutta in 1992 when Muslims attacked even pregnant Hindu ladies. .We must be very careful with fanatic Muslims and always pray to Lord Narasimha,Even devotees used to worry about Muslims wanting to attack Lord Caitanya ..He is God , so there is no worry for Him ,He changed the minds even of the demoniac Muslim kings that :This sannaysi is God so leave Him alone ,He is Allah Himself. However behind the Muslim exterior is a spirit soul looking for Krsna ,and many Muslims have become Gaudiya vaisnavas Lord Caitanya preached to the Chand Kazi and many Muslims .This is the material world and very dangerous

my prayers goes out to the sannyasi killed by ISIS and the Gaudiya math he was part of , we understand they have not killed his soul that will surely have departed for Vaikuntha or Goloka Vrindavana
 those who preach in a Muslim country needs to daily chant Narayana Kavacha for their protection that is my humble advise Srila Prabhupada said I place my head at the feed of any vaisnava that preach in a Muslim country 
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