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Dirty politics and fallen standards
 When becoming a devotee, I had no idea there is sometimes dirty politics in ISKCON.But sadly that it is so.The complexities of it is so nasty.
One time one (socalled) sannyasi wanted me to marry a disciple of his and I refused.,flatly and simply, he put pressure on me and asked another
sannyasi to help him.I simply left that temple.There was so much grhamedhi mentality in this temple(one unmarried pair had illicit sex etc)
.Krsna took care of everything.
If we depend on Krsna He will protect us from  low minded mentality,plus He will protect us from our own material mind and senses,
full surrender to Krsna is always needed.In Kali yuga it starts with chanting, best is to daily chanted 64 rounds as instructed by Lord Caitanya.
Later I ask him why he had pressured the other sannyasi I get married to his disciple
 then he accused me I was jealous when his disciple got married to someone waiting to take sannyasa,I said of course not
,but someone on waiting list for sannyasa...?.These things are clear prove,that there should be some temples in ISKCON
with strict sannyasis
and brahmacaries only, not with playboy sannyasis and grhamedhis and agitated  unmarried women, and there should be no women cooking for the 
sannyasis or serving them.
Taking service from a woman is not allowed for  sannyasis.Srila Prabhupada did so to establish ISKCON , but sannyasis normally have nothing
to do with women..and since their females business is theirs some have married their female disciples like Harikesa and  Jagadish .The "playboy sannyasi"
keeps personal bank accounts and wealth and take service from women,this is against  the teachings of Lord Caitanya.I throw up when I see sannyasis
deals sentimentally with women.Jagadananda Pandit has warned against this. Lord Caitanya forbad this and rejected Chota Haridas.
One top of this if a person that has taken sannyasa gives initiation and allows his disciples to take grains on Visnutattva apperancedays he has become
asat,  and should be rejected.Unless he stops such offensive behavior.
Sannyasa is a paramahamsa  asrama, and 64 rounds is for sannyasis also(especially for them  ).Any sannyasi with personal wealth should immediately
turn it over to a temple with proper and honest accounting.. funny enough the one sannyasi used to have 2 brahmacarinis chasing him ,and I told him later 
he should have had some sympathy with me(he apologized and  agreed).
I am not blaming anyone, but am showing this to the effect, the present system will lead til it will be almost impossbile for anyone to remain a brahmacari
in the west (which is already difficult) 2 of the only old time Brahmacaries I know from USA ,Bhagavad Purana and Rama Raya Prabhus have taken shelter
in Vrindavan in the 24 hours kirtana program...sannyasis and TP's have mostly little concern for the brahmacaries and it really saddens me. 
I recall when a Brahmacari (Rama Raya) wanted to stay in Boston temple where a proven gay became the TP, he  complained to me to say something 
to the GBC....Niranjana Swami, who had reinitiated this madman...and made him the TP.
ISKCON LA is one of the few temples that have brahmacaries that distribute Srila Prabhupadas books.So they have life...
(those who distribute Prabhupadas books)
Grhasthas and brahmacarinies and sannyasis
rarely distribute Srila  Prabhupadas books, so the protection of the brahmacari asrama is so important.
Those who are envious of bookdistribution and brahmacaries should be much ashamed of themselves...
The one sannyasi was later expelled from ISKCON
The other sannyasi said I should get married because I did not distribute as many books as I used to and it would help me.Thank you rascal.
I was the top book distributor in that temple for 3 years.This sannyasis used to cry when he had to distribute books(as a brahmacari),what a rascal 
and he ended up as
a sannyasi and has to advise me on bookdistribution and getting married while his own disciples where having illlict sex in the temple?
I remember many years ago also  when some devotees became grhasthas and stopped distributing books, one became a TP and was full of false ego
and angry for not being abel to control his senses he started to harrass the brahmacaries.So grhamedhis that have illicit sex has no right to lord it over 
brahamacaries.....they should at least become grhastha brahmacaries and start going on bookdistribution...
I am not generalizing but giving examples when things go bad... this is written only to help protect brahmacaries and sannyasis in ISKCON nothing else.
Purity is the force
By the way arranged marriages for western devotees often end up in divorce, and then they choose another devotee lady they find compatible.
That mostly works.But divorce is not allowed in KC  and getting married again
When I finally decieded to get married after I moved outside the temple in Washington DC ,some attempts was there to get me married to 
a divorced mataji (who used to be one of the wives of one devotee in New Vrindavan ,as Kirtananda allowed some to have more than one wife,Devamrta
and Radhanath and others blindly followed this to enhance their possibilities of increased power) .By the way the day Devamrta took sannyasa his
humility died , I remember it very well in   1982, later this year he falsly accused me of so many things, and later tried to force me to sell paintings
in 1984 and because I refused, as I wanted to only distribute Srila Prabhupadas books, I was no longer wanted.When I later gave him a money donation
I was "reinstated" ,welcome to the power control of rascals in ISKCON, it is all about the power to control money and women , and manpower,not
about spreading KC.....and if something like serving grains on Visnutattva apperance days is "good for business", they do it these days.
But I chose to marry someone I had made a devotee because I knew where her mind was at and her heart.
Life is for sure not easy.
Had there been a temple with Brahmacaries and at least one good sannyasi I would have been there till this day.(but I do not see one spiritually 
strong sannyasi in  all of ISKCON) Real sannyasis are not comfort riders ,and those using their disciples for their Gurubusiness.
 Boston temple was once
a paradise for brahmacaries .(that is long gone)...all doing books...will such days ever come back in ISKCON ?
In the present ISKCON unless you are a wierdo, ugly and excentric  staying a brahmacari is difficult,but from a strong brahmacari asrama 
comes spiritually 
grhasthas and sannyasis.Otherwise these weak persons later become leaders and train other spiritually weak persons.
I twice got approached(chased) by matajis in ISKCON seeking my shelter for marriage in KC and  this was used against me, by demons.
If these demons would
stop chasing women, ISKCON would be better,But pseudo devotees stay in temple with no interest in daily Harinama and bookdistribution.
Their target is money and women,fame and wealth....
.All Gurus need to go on sankirtana and take their useless disciples with them (because those who do not
distribute Srila Prabhupadas books are more or less useless)Those who does not distribute Srila Prabhupadas books have no connection with him
(see SB 7.9.44 purport)
Someone asked me the other day who is is the best GBC in ISKCON and who is the worse, who is the best sannyasi and who is the worse
My answer, that GBC that makes sure Srila Prabhupadas books get distributed and takes no wealth for himself ,and renounces power and position
to help others,that is the real sannyasi and GBC.Above all teaching by example....The soul is neither sannyasa ,grhastha or woman etc.ISKCON is
for the spiritual upliftment of the world not for fools trying to conquer it....Plus remember without chanting 64 rounds daily there will never be pure
devotional service in ISKCON, only mixed Bhakti.
One womanizer person is up for sannyasa he never liked to do any service, never went on sankirtana ,so why give him sannyasa.He does not even know the
KC philosophy very well...
Payonidhi das

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Comment by Paramananda das on April 4, 2011 at 3:41pm
Ramabhadras lies about me
 When Ramabhadra became TP in 1990, he immidiatly started to chase 2 matajis, and I warned him about this kind of behavior.Soon after that
he had one young bhaktin chase me every where I went.I told this mataji I can not talk to me kindly stay far away from me.Then she would sit on the
stairs and cry when I came for Gurupuja and things of that nature.I went to Dhanudhara Swami and told him his disciple was acting most improper
and agressively.He chastised me severly and said I was just a very lowborn dane (as my body was born in Denmark)and that in Denmark so many persons
create children porn and have sex with animals.As if that had anything to do with me.Surely he was committing serious vaisnava aparadha.
Because I have dedicadet my life to propagate the holy name and preach pure KC,and distribute Srila Prabhupadas books.Finally it was simply to much
and I had to leave this temple because this young mataji was an attractive lady also, and I had told mother Jadurani you ask this girl what she wants
from me, I am not really looking for getting married.
So I went to LA and Ramabhadra pressured me to marry this girl, the rest is a long story of dirty politics now this is now many years ago, but as
Ramabhadra is still creating lies about me in Vrindavan and politics I want my name cleared. He is a divorcee and married one of the girls I knew he
was chasing (and i told him so in 1990).He single handely destroyed bookdistribution in ISKCON Brooklyn.He is violent wild and acts insanely, he
has burned out so many devotees.
And chased them away from ISKCON, yes it may be a pattern there is my certain power hungry ISKCON leaders.However just by being a divorcee
he is unfit to be a TP.But on top of that he runs a bingo hall at the temple and there is meat cook out.
Finally in Boston in 1993 Dhanudhara Swami went to Niranjana Swami in Boston and try to convince me to marry this "mayadevi".I complained to the
GBC and left ISKCON Boston where I had distributed Srila Prabhupadas books selflessly for 3 years.At that time in Boston there was devotees having
illicit sex in the temple,that sadly happens sometimes in temples (one disciple of Niranjana Swami got pregnant while still not married).
When ever I come to Vrindavan I have to hear directly or indirectly about my socalled crimes, I am innocent of all these accusations this is all mudslinging
done by Ramabhadra,Dhanudhara and Bhurijana even to this day.I forgive Dhanudhara for his offences to me, however I can not forgive him for beating
children severly in the past in the Gurukula and to me he is a monster  .Last year I went some  of his followers tried to force me to buy his books and and
 go to his
lectures.What is he doing at ISKCON Vrindavan giving lectures on ISKCON property? Well I guess not more unfair than Bhavananda that also used to
beat children in Mayapure and Vrindavan ,plus Bhavananda had sex with children and was a homo sexual.Still somehow that  Bhavananda was allowed
to give Bhagavatam class in the past in Mayapure, he is still backed by former (fallen) disciples.This is the cheaters and the cheated.
My only crime is I did not meet Srila Prabhupada and had any vapu association, but I strictly follow his vani to the best of my ability.
In the name of Lord Caitanya I want my name cleared once and for all.And those who
are still keep gossiping about me in Vrindavan, can go to hell for all I care.I have no time for their gramya katha.They can distribute Srila
 Prabhupadas books and get a life.I am no fan or friends of Dhanudhara or Bhavananda, and that some of their "godbrothers" wants to keep them around
is their business, though I disagree pedofiles and childabusers should be allowed in ISKCON.But the GBC is doing the same mistake as the Catholic church
by allowing this.And by having Bhavananda be part of the Temple of Understanding in Mayapure ,there is some long lasting stain on the reputation of
ISKCON.I have talked to Basu Ghosh about this ,but he simply does not get this, and supports all persons like Bhavananda and Bhakta das, that was
convinced for being a pedophile and for selling drug paraphanalia and spend time in prison in USA.If you are a rascal and a crook in ISKCON you get
a big reward and postion, if you are honest you get beaten  by sticks this is most unfair .But I still take this as Krsnas grace to me and depend on His
lotusfeet and mercy, because there is no one else you can depend on.It seems even the GBC no longer cares for any right or wrongs?
Payonidhi das
PS It is also long due the present GBC apologize for the mistakes of the past GBC allowing Bhavananda to become a Guru (when he was a ruru) ,
though he was simply a criminal.
I have met a then Gurukuli boy Acutya from Nepal sexually  molested back in 1986 by Bhavananda and friends.Justice has never been served.
But surely there is another court waiting after this life that has seen all these things......Krsna sees and knows it all, there is nothing we can hide from Him.
And if Ambarish will only give money for the Vedic Planetarium in Mayapure if Bhavananda is there, then to hell with his money, Krsna can send
many others. I disagree with Basu Ghosh on this and think he lacks the pure vision on this ,well anyhow he prefers perverts over my friendship.
("Because you did not meet Prabhupada" ,Judas also met Jesus so what is the difference?)


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