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clogs in the heart , and making ISKCON a new age movement!

when reading Devamrta Swamis notes I can not but help think of all his past abuses of devotees.Of course many ISKCON US leaders are famous for abusing devotees that is their only business to be puffed up, change Prabhupadas teachings, holier than though, bullies ,money hungry , corrupt ,selfish and not knowing the KC philosophy properly.

Devamrta Swami did so many mistakes when he was regional secretary in Denmark, first of all when he became sannyasi he like most , lost his cool and dignity and became a puffed up rascal. He had zero discrimination and was just money hungry and lazy.The same was true for

Harikesa,Bhagavan, Suhotra, Jayatirtha and practically all Prabhupadas disciples that ever came to Europe, one of the only gentlemen was Sivananda Prabhu, Locananda Prabhu. Others where playing playboys in Bhagavans zone, to this day sannyasis from Bhagavans ex zone are the same all ways surrounded with women in their playboy fashion.

Yes ultimately I left Harikesas zone for some time in 1984 because Devamrta Swami,Harikesa and SUhotra was pushing this illegal painting business, recordsales, and other things for their own purposes. Devamrta Swami was all about money.He would insult one mataji , you should go to Almvik Gaard in Sweden and sit on the tractor and your weight will keep the tractor down.Actually he deserved a  punch in the face ,that he eventually got on Harinama in 1984.When going to Austria ,Devamrta refused to give me some money that belonged to me.And I told Harikesa that you send me that laxmi or I will go to the police.I had already collected since 1979 and sold tons of books for ISKCON. Then the rascal; went to New Vrindavana and became illegal again in many ways supported the gay and child molester Kirtananda .He did not wear tilaka monke ropes, and his sannyasinis massaged his feet.I was there to see that in early of 1991 .I used to respect him , how the hell did this fraud become a GBC chairman? But ISKCON has become a newage religion.Change everything the books ,the philosophy and it is a  women lib movement.The most unqualified persons are made leaders mostly .A few sincere souls do Harinama and bookdistribution.Devamrtas TP a ex hippy and lunatic Adideva blooped 2 years after Devamrta left Denmark because he was not KC and a yes man of Harikesa...When I told Adideva how Kirtananda was expelled from ISKCON he got a fit.

   You can never expect the right things to happen in ISKCON due to unqualified leaders that are just self centered neophytes. 

After all his abuses Devamrta Swami came up to me and expected me to buy him a tiffin (1996). Normally I would not mind but I did not have very much laxmi at the time in Mayapure , I will give my shirt even to my enemies, but Devamrta Swami is a selfcentered son of a bitch. He later did apologize to me.But I know he is fake and not sincere in KC.And he is a total neophyte.How Prabhupadas disciples in Sweden where abused by Harikesa and Devamrta Swami is still angering me to this day....anyway they where equal to all they abused everyone, for their money purposes.ISKCON dictators, thinking they where GOD when in actuallity they where a bunch of dogs.

One siksa disciple told me yesterday : :ISKCON has become a new age movement....."

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