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Arjuna and Draupadi are also known as Krishna !

Draupadi is also Known as Krsna because she also had same bodily complexion as Sri Krsna so this painting is more correct than all BBT paintings ,Sri Arjuna as you see in this painting also had the same bodily complexion of Sri Krsna , therefore Sri Arjuna is also known as Krsna because he is a friend of Krsna and have same complexion of Sri Krsna , Arjuna also has 12 others names he is famous for as he told prince Uttar Kumara at the end of the exile of the Pandavas :Arjuna - one of taintless fame and glow like silver
Phalguna - one born on the star of Phalguna
Jishnu - conqueror of enemies
Kiriti - one who wears the celestial diadem, Kiriti, presented by Indra
Swetavahana - one with white horses mounted to his chariot
Bibhatsu - one who always fights wars in a fair manner
Vijaya - victorious warrior
Parth or Partha - son of Pritha or Kunti. Incidentally his father is the Lord of Heavens, Indra.
Savyasachi - skillful in using both arms, ambidextrous
Dhananjaya - one who conquers bows (dhanu) referring to his skills as an archer
Gudakesa - One who has conquered sleep (gudaka "sleep")
Kapi Dhwaj - Having flag of Kapi (Monkey) in his chariot (Arjuna's flag displayed an image of Hanuman from a previous encounter)
Parantapa - one who concentrates the most, destroyer of enemies from his concentration
Mother Yasoda also had Shyam complexion as Sri Krsna my beloved Gurudeva knew of this also when He had paintings made of Mother Yasoda ,Radha Krsna Ganodesse Dipika confirms that mother Yasodas bodily complexion is dark like Sri Krsna
Sri Krsna provided comfort to Draupadi by not allowing Dushasana to disrobe her, this kind of low class mentality of Duryodhana that wanted to see Draupadi naked due to him once feeling humilitated by her laughter when he was seeing the Palace build by Maya Danava in Indra prastha .Draupadi had other names also like Panchali as the daughter of king Drupada that ruled Pancal other names of Drupadi are here :
Krishna is the birth name of Draupadi. The one with dark and pure skin, radiating the purity, honor, and principality.
This makes her the third Krishna after Vasudev Krishna, and Pandu's Krishna Arjuna.
Draupadi is also known by the name of Yagnaseni (or sometimes spelled as Yajnaseni) as she was born from agni vedi of the yagna.
Her father Drupada performed the Putrakameshti Yagna, in order to get a son, who can take revenge from Drona (who with the help of Yudhisthira and Arjuna took the half of his kingdom, Northern Panchal). It is said, a few moments after, the birth of Drishtadyumna, Draupadi was born. Some says that they both were born at the exact same moment.May be an image of 3 people

sometimes Arjuna is said to have these 13 names : Dhanañjaya – one who conquered wealth and gold
Gudakesh – one who has conquered sleep
Savyasachi – one who can shoot arrows with both hands
Shvethavāhana – one with milky white horses mounted to his pure white chariot
Bībhatsu – one who always fights wars in a fair, stylish and terrific manner
Kiriti – one who wears the celestial diadem presented by the King of Gods, Indra
Jishnu – triumphant
Phalguna – born under the star Uttara Phalguni (Denebola in Leo)
Mahabahu – one with strong arms
Gandivadhari – holder of a bow named Gandiva
Pārtha – son of Pritha, also known as Kunti
Krishna – Like his cousin, Arjuna was also called Krishna because of his dark complexion
Kaunteya – son of Kunti

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